TI’s Bunz Are For Vixen’s Paws Only

so i know a couple folks will have a problem with the following.
it’s the:

“feel free to touch anyone bawdy parts because they advertise”

so ti had a concert recently that nearly ended in an assault and battery charge.
a male in the crowd did something interesting.
he grabbed ti’s bunz which caused ti to super heated.
this is what ti said when he found out during the concert…

i feel like the male is wrong.
sidebar: that status from wesoflymagazine is ignorant,
ain’t it?

i remember being at a gay club one time and that happened.
i was walking through the crowd and i felt this paw grab a chuck out my tail.
when i turned around,
this “could tell he was extra” hyena was smiling and winking.
i wanted to swing on his ass.
even if you were a wolf of dreams,
my first impression of you shouldn’t be how you man handled me.
i don’t touch no one until you give me the green light.

it’s wrong to put your paws on someone bawdy parts without their permission.
i understand the male was in the moment,
but if ti hopped down from off that stage and beat his ass,
he would have been screaming “hate crime”.
vixens can grab ti as much as they want.
he is straight.
i mean…

Am I wrong for thinking this?

as much as i love trey songz and his ample bunz cleavage:


…i would never go to his concert and grab his cheeks.
i’d only do it in a private setting with his tongue in my mouth.
i feel that is overstepping a boundary for a broken nose and popped lip.
if i’m wrong,
please let me know.

lowkey: ti is growing up.
he didn’t let the “f” word fly out his mouth.

he handled that pretty well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “TI’s Bunz Are For Vixen’s Paws Only

  1. Ha… that shit was funny. Dude got put in his place and I bet someone in the crowd would beat his ass on site. I’m all for looking at mans booty but touching without permission may leave you limp on one leg. I guess he thought he saw Red from Dawgpound

      1. He should have the same thing with his females fans when they was grabbing his nuts and his butt at his shows while he was married to Tiny. Some of those female fans called tiny and say to her that they sex with with t.i. That was disrespectful of them called his wife and told her they have with him. Nasty hoes.

  2. No you are not wrong and T.I. had every right to feel and say what he said. Some gay guys think that it’s okay to touch any one and to go for any body. That shit is wrong and the next person could and should get popped in the face.

  3. It’s true some of those youngstahs can’t contain when they see the goodies sitting out there but I’m not sure about this generation of not gays but the messy sissies. This summer I, in my hometown, a young gang bangers was kickin’ it with a known sissy and as we know more and more thugs, pretty thugs, and bangers are into being bi more than ever (nothing new tho) Well they had an argumentment because a couple members of the gang dogged him about it because it was too public although there are other members in the gang doing the same damn thing……Well….He and his lil side booty argued about it and he cut him loose.The sissy asks him can they just fuck one more time…He records the whole thing, posts it, outs his so called “bae’…The banger rides over to his crib in broad daylight, shoots him dead in his front yard…!! Small towns, man!!! Now he”s in prison, left a new baby behind and everything! And J, as to the T.I. drama; bruh I think he was just protecting his image on a public stage…..When I was enlisted in the army, I had the opportunity to get some personal time with TIP and all I can say is…He’s a fucking gentlemen…The Convo enlightening, that smile will yield you powerless up close. If I were closer to you we’d have a personal conversation about what was said. …And you’d love every moment.

  4. Everybody in the know, knows that only Nelly can grab that ASS, hands off to everybody else. I see ya TIP, you better speak on that before Nelly has a fit LoL. Let me stop being messy but this little tidbit is brought to you by the streetz of ATL where it is hard to hide your some of your dealings. Moving on, I aint mad at TIP for checking dude because I can not stand for anybody to touch me without my permission, and why is is that no one ever touches me who looks like the Meat that is posted in the foxhole but always some old Snow dude who looks like he could be Trump’s granddaddy. One reason I hate going to Snow clubs they feel they are entitled to touch the merchandise, I have had to cuss a few and even punched one before for this behavior. It is a slippery slope being an entertainer tho when you have fan interaction, and this new generation raised up on Instagram is very visual and very bold.

  5. Just like that guy who smack beyoncé ass. Why these fans think it’s ok????

    Btw why straight men been sagging? Is it cultral or does it have a meaning? I really wanna know because to this day i still don’t get it. Why as a straight man you want to advertise your ass? I’m asking because where i come from they don’t do that, so please can someone explain this to me?

    1. It’s not cultural other than “gang culture” related, and whatever meaning it has falls along the same lines. In otherwords, sagging is for “less than smart people”, that’s the nicest way I can say it.

      1. lmao “less than smart people”, i got it. The stupid things people do to look tough, we have those. thx

    2. There is a difference in sagging and advertising your ass .. Sagging is you see your undies but really cant see a shape of the ass you just sagging but the guys who are advertising like the video know what they are doing .. Being that I have never met or heard of a women who is a fan of sagging they are doing it for the fellows. So when you can see the all the size and shape of the ass like boxer briefs grey is the most popular color because you can see it a mile away they are the ones showing off the ass aka advertising .. When you see a guy just in boxers and you really cant see much thats just sagging but of course some of those guys are advertising also .. So really no rule applies to all but them grey boxer briefs aint nothing but the truth

  6. I agree with this post too. It is not about the man being gay, it is about respect. People think it is okay to violate people because they are dressed a certain way. Everyday straight men give excuses on the reasons why they touched a woman, it is quite sad. The man is performing, leave him be.

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