grab him by the dick (at a baseball game)

when i get my wolf,
i’m gonna secretly grab his dick in public.
cause i’m a freak and i can.
well a foxholer sent me the following video sent me a dick grab at a baseball game.

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when you finally get your chance to grab on the premium meat (montez sweat)

new baller wolf for the redksins,
montez sweat,
is fine af.
i fonted about him before.
( x see the past entry here )

the foxhole blew up my box today about this story.
it’s what happened during the moments he got drafted via “gaye magazine“…

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I Just Wanted To Squeeze Your Straight Cheeks, Is All

most of these straight wolves have nice cheeks.
you know i love a nice tail on a wolf.
gym life,
play sports,
or whatever hormones is in the chicken,
bunz are getting super plump nowadays.
well this one jackal was feeling bold af.
he decided to grab a “straight?” wolf’s cheeks in the kitchen.
an f-bi sent us the video of what happened next…
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TI’s Bunz Are For Vixen’s Paws Only

so i know a couple folks will have a problem with the following.
it’s the:

“feel free to touch anyone bawdy parts because they advertise”

so ti had a concert recently that nearly ended in an assault and battery charge.
a male in the crowd did something interesting.
he grabbed ti’s bunz which caused ti to super heated.
this is what ti said when he found out during the concert…
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Grab Usher’s Tail… and ACTION!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.59.00 PMi’m really starting to want usher in my “to do” list.
he is shorter than i usually like em,
but i’ll make an exception.
so usher has never really been known for his tail.
his abs,
but he was always lackin’ from the backin’.
trey songz on the other hand…
well in usher’s new movie,
“hands of stone”,
he had a nice little sex scene with jurnee smollett.
she was told that she needed to grab his bunz during their love scene.
i mean…
no fight would have been put up in my end.
this is what “usa today” had to say…
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Mario Lopez Grabs a “Juicy” Foxtail (or Wolf Tail?)

mario-lopez-shirtless1…and down at miami pride of all places.
why he was at miami pride,
i have no idea,
but mario lopez of extra decided to grab his friend’s foxtail for the festivities.
this is what he said after the handful of cheeks on twitter…
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