when you finally get your chance to grab on the premium meat (montez sweat)

new baller wolf for the redksins,
montez sweat,
is fine af.
i fonted about him before.
( x see the past entry here )

the foxhole blew up my box today about this story.
it’s what happened during the moments he got drafted via “gaye magazine“…

the foxholer sent me gifs for more review:


does montez know him?????
it was like he waited for that moment to start grabbing up on him.
he was like:

His defenses are down.
Let me grab a whole cheek because this will never happen again.”

i don’t know if the adrenaline had montez unaware,
but that random was getting a handful of everything.
his face looked like pure ecstasy too.
that whole thing was really bizarre.
i’d rather wait to jump on my baller wolf in private,
but i guess others can’t be as discreet.
congrats montez on this brand new phase in his life!

lowkey: here are videos of fresh new baller wolves for review…

yes to new meat!
imagine the type of sex you get after one of them gets drafted?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “when you finally get your chance to grab on the premium meat (montez sweat)”

  1. First off, the people who are assuming that these men are lovers shame on you! It’s so sad that we live in such an over sexualized society this crap is getting too out of hand to the point where ya can’t be affectionate to your own blood relatives who just so happens to be of the same sex man it’s truly a testament to how degenerate we’ve become as a society.

  2. I saw this live and was like wtf dude is hot cant wait to see him in that uniform dude lit all day dude behind really gay but I like

  3. Chile that nigga was thinkin about all that money that’s bout to come into the family, ole boy ain’t know WHAT the fuck he was touchin’ 😭

  4. My opinion still stands brother or not that’s mad weird. Only my lover should be touching me so. If you’re cool with that kind of touching good for you personally that’s so weird if they aren’t doing it.

  5. Gay men stay reaching.

    Men can’t show affection without being gay. Even so, they def know each other. You don’t dare grab on another man like that if y’all don’t know each other… Period.

    Also, if that was his side piece, he would never do that. Side pieces know they have a time and a place to do stuff. That ain’t it. Hell, if a dude fuking you on the low, most of the time no one will ever know. You two can walk pass each other and nod or do nothing at all. You got the right idea about privacy Jamari.

    As far as the woman, I and several other foxholers have warned against getting buddy-buddy with straight women (mainly the black ones). Most of them are only around gays because they consider them accessories or tools of entertainment or even means for sexual advice. While, I dont mind the company of women here and there…I don’t hang out with them regularly or share tea time. Nosy and messy & try to find out your sex life and who on the DL..😑

    Two dudes at my school were fucking around…and no one knew. I walked in the bathroom during a lunch hour and they backed away from each other & I gave them that look. Them niggas was fuking around with each other. Later confirmed by someone else. Public settings are not off-limits but they wait till the cost is clear to do stuff.

  6. I went to Demarquez page and saw all the family pics,at graduation,throwback pics when the brothers were pre schoolers with their other brother,etc.It’s a shame that a guy can’t show love and affection to his brother during an exciting and joyful time without people making it sexual.I was on a page and they were talking about which one is the top.

    It’s also disheartening to me when people equate or link gay people to gay sex acts.I was just in my Explore and a guy posted a loving pic with his partner and there are people in comments talking about sexual positions.I never see people mention sexual roles, sexual positions on an innocent loving pic of a straight couple.SMH

  7. That’s his brother! This is the main reason why we have so many ignorant stereotypes as gay black men. The man can’t even show affection for his brother without being labeled suspect. GTFOH!

  8. Let me just add this two cents in also. The black woman that recorded the first video perpetuates the idea that black men cannot show affection to one another publicly. Now there’s no doubt that even me as a same-gender loving man would look at the video sideways, but I would not post something on social media about it in order to drum up other people’s thoughts in regards to my perspective on the video. The issue I have with a lot of black women is that they talk out of both sides of their mouth. Some of them pretend like they like the gays, but most of them really despise the gays and like most black men say things like “my son ain’t gon be no punk”. So now this whole narrative about the effeminization of black men has been given some extra steam because of this woman’s post. But the reality is that this was a brother showing affection towards his blood brother, and there is absolutely nothing fucking wrong with that.

    1. I figured it had to be a relative. Apparently he had nodded off and work up when he heard Tez’s name being called. So he was slightly delirious, hence the look on his face.

    2. Must be step brothers because they look nothing alike. Anyhoo, blue shorts is fine as hell. It was still nice to see the public affection he showed for his bro 😗

      1. Nah, they could have the same father or same mother, and come out looking different. I have an older brother with a different mom, and he’s light skinned. But in one pic on the brother’s page, there is a bit of resemblance there…especially around the eyes.

        I grew up with fraternal twins, one caramel complexion and the other very light skinned.
        You would look at them and not even know they were brothers, let alone twins.

        Genetics is funny like that. Lol

        1. @Christian

          Yeah genetics can be weird but according to some comments on Instagram they are COUSINS not brothers. The cousin Marquez is also a college football player.

    3. The IG makes it look even more suspect. Some crews call themselves brothers because they’re tight.
      IMO that’s not Montez’s bro.

      That IG got lots of pics of shirtless young men, very few posed with women.

      I feel for Montez because now it looks to me he might be DL.

      Straight dudes just don’t hug up on each other in a public event like that. It was an INTIMATE hug, like between lovers.
      If someone finds evidence Sweat is actually related to dude, I’ll shut up.
      They still might really be cousins though.

      1. They are related if you go to DeMarquez IG and scroll back to July 24,2017 there is a photo of them when they are children with another brother named @fresh_foreverkocky.

        If you go to Montez page @_tez9 and scroll back to Jan 1,2014(the fifth photo he posted on his page)you will see a photo of six kids 3 girls and 3 boys both of them are in that photo.The photo is captioned #famfirst.They are wearing the same clothes,I think they are half siblings.I guess they could be cousins but I have never taken professional family portraits with cousins.

  9. he knows him…he wouldnt be that comfortable going up to him and Tez had the look like “not now bruh” he didnt check him but didnt want to hurt his feelings

  10. I hope they keep their love strong because those DC queens are going to try it with their thirsty, colorist behinds.

  11. That’s his side piece and can’t tell him nothing because he will expose his ass.

    Jokes aside, he is FIIIIINNNEEE.

    1. Hmmm…

      Hypothesis #1: Blue shorts had harmless intentions and this was just an awkward and incredibly homoerotic moment between “bros…”…🤣🤣🤣.

      I’d love to chalk it up to #1, but I’m feeling messy and ratchet, so…

      Hypothesis #2: Blue shorts knew DAMN WELL what he was doing and that was doing too much at the absolute wrong time; his messy antics were intentional.

      See, this is the problem with side-pieces/secret lovers (assuming without a shred of evidence that blue shorts is the side-piece/secret lover) nowadays that don’t know their place…. These types usually ain’t got nothing going for them, no reputation to maintain, or are too emotionally invested. That was out of order.

      Had it been me, as Sweat’s side-piece, I would have been a quiet, unsuspecting, little wallflower in blazing heat while zaddy was in front of the cameras and with family/friends. Give him the occasional look that would foreshadow future f*cking. Then get behind closed doors and I’d let zaddy bust it wide open…. Lol, let me stop. Sorry FH and Jamari, but an ol’ fine southern black man is weakness.

      *fans self*

  12. It actually appeared dude had to check himself. He looked like he was going to mount him stepping down from that sofa. I am going to give both of them the benefit of the doubt as say blue man was caught up in the moment and there was general love for montez’s accomplishment.

  13. Wow that made me uncomfortable. If the roles were reversed and I was said baller and Tez was the guy in blue id still be uncomfortable(only til I realized it was him) but still the groping is a bit much

  14. Could be a long shot but could they be together? It just seems weird that he’s grabbing on him like that in public like his significant other or something with no hesitation

    1. Yes they could be together but the bro was like this my s🐂it. “OMG man not here”.

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