*insert something about “sweat” in regards to montez sweat here*

so we talked about d.k. metcalf at the nfl combine yesterday.
today is the deliciousness that is montez sweat.
*insert clever joke about tasting his sweat here*
he played for the mississippi state bulldogs and this was him at the combine…

everyone was talking about how he set a record in the 40 yard dash.
he did the fastest time at the combine since 2006.
a little of his dossier:

260 lbs
birth sign: virgo (same birthday as beyonce)
position: defensive end
forest: stone mountain, ga

another mountain of lust and sweat.
here are some shots i found:

lips >>>

he just graduated last december with a major in communication:

i’m sold.
let’s hope he gets in the nfl so i can see more of him.
good luck montez.

lowkey: i only saw two other canidates for foxhole lust at the combine this year.
 i’ll discuss tomorrow.

pictures cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “*insert something about “sweat” in regards to montez sweat here*”

  1. Judging by his height and his skinny thighs, I’d say it goes past his knees.

      1. Met this guy who was 6 foot 8, size 17 shoe. Jamari, size freaking 17. He grabbed his print and I ran the other way.

  2. Whew, chile! Ain’t nothin’ like ol’ southern black man…he could take a big ol’ bite out of my peach. LMFAO!

    Sidenote: these NFL and NBA drafts reek of slave auctions to me.

    1. They definitely are slave auctions with burnout careers being 5 years for most. I’m glad he finished his degree though. I hope he maximizes on this opportunity and whatver money he gets and starts looking to develop a business portfolio.

      1. Yup! He’d be smart to use some of that pro-league money on some investments and a nice business venture. Wish him all the best!

  3. He’s okay. Not bad or anything. I’ll see what other two you have in store in the coming days

  4. So glad to see he got that degree. He’s sexy to start off with and sexier when he talks. That video of him and his “teddy bear” fellow player got me kind of hot in the right way. I hope he goes far.

    Co-signing to the person who said the NFL combine and draft and NBA draft are like slave auctions, though.

  5. Now Montez is cute, he’s got his degree, he’s well spoken, and just look at those eyes! I’d wife that.

    Jamari do a post on Jeffery Simmons, the fellow next to him in that video, he’s adorable as well (I low key want them both).

  6. Child did you look at the size of his BOOTY for a tall man like that. But honey down south they grow em tall and with BIG BOOTY in them country areas. Imagine how long his dick is too. lol

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