winter has arrived (the game of thrones season 8 trailer debuts)

i cried at my deak today.
i tried to hold it together,
but the tears kept coming out.
so as you know,
i am hooked on “game of thrones”.
i spend some of my days going back to past scenes,
reading comments by other stans,
and trolling message boards just to be part of the discussion.
there are so many clues in past episodes in this damn show.

I didn’t realize Sansa dressed like those around her (Cersei and Margaery)
The foreshadowing in an earlier episode about what Cersei was gonna do in the Sept

the final season of “game of thrones” starts in april.
they released the trailer today and…

hold on…

 i have so many thoughts running through my head…

1) who is arya running from?
2) i hope arya and jon get to fight together.
3) cersei is looking like “that bitch”
4) why do i feel they’re gonna kill some folks off that will make me call out of work to grieve?
5) if jon rides one of those dragons,
i’ll burst into flames

…and those are just the few i have.
“entertainment weekly” did a spread and covers of the cast:

doesn’t sansa and arya look like catelyn and ned?
i hope we don’t lose any of the stark cubs at least,
although i won’t hold my breath at winterfell.
the final season of “game of thrones” hits hbo on april 14th.

lowkey: i need another show after GOT.
besides “how to get away with murder”,
nothing moves the meter as far as writing and story.

picture cc / read the teaser storyline: entertainment weekly

additional picture cc: tumblr of thrones

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  1. You should check out Westworld on HBO it is just as exciting as GOT in my opinion.

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