will smith is getting dragged for another movie role he might star in

when i watch a biopic,
i like good casting.
i mean,
i want the actor portraying “whoever” to at least resemble them.
will smith did an excellent job portraying muhammed ali in “ali”,
but they want him to do another biopic that has folks talking.
well not even talking.
they angry af.
a foxholer(s) sent me the story via “yahoo news”

Following The Legend of Bagger Vance and Ali, Will Smith is reportedly in talks to take on another sports film. Deadline reports that the Oscar-nominated actor is “poised to play” Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena Williams, in an upcoming biopic titled King Richard.

While Smith certainly has the star power to headline the film about Williams’s determination to turn his two Compton-raised daughters into tennis champions, his rumored casting has already been met with some backlash. While Smith and Williams are both black men, critics say the role should go to an actor with darker skin, citing Idris Elba and Mahershala Ali as examples of more appropriate choices.

i mean,
we haven’t took our paws off his neck for his role as “genie”.
this just added more fuel to the fire.
in my opinion…

They should give the role to another acting wolf

will smith sort of resembles richard williams.
they’d have to put some darker make up and a beard on him,
but i can see why they’d choose him first.
will is an entirely lighter complexion than richard tho.
i’d give the role to mahershala ali:

that would work much better.
i could be wrong tho.

Should Will Smith play “Richard Williams”?

lowkey: isn’t richard an alleged villain to his daughters?

article cc: yahoo

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “will smith is getting dragged for another movie role he might star in”

  1. i’d give the role to mahershala ali: exactly he’s a 2x Oscar winner. Remember it was the same drama with the Nina Simone role too

  2. Will Smith can absolutely play this role. I say that with confidence because Venus and Sareena’s father is not an image that is so ingrained in America’s psyche that it would matter. There were characters in Malcolm X that didn’t resemble the actual people. There characters were not well known and therefore their images are not locked into out minds. It’s not like Will is Chris Brown’s complexion 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. If my memory serves me correctly he did play Chris Gardner in Pursuit of Happyness & the real guy was of a darker hue. I think this roll needs Will because he will definitely study for it & give it the attention it needs.

  4. I’m sick of Will at this point. Why is he the go-to for every big Black role in Hollywood? Oh that’s right. Only a few of us are allowed to star. Just wait until they oversaturate Michael B. Jordan. What happened to finding unknowns? He needs to be behind the camera and produce, smh

  5. I’m more concerned that there may not be much to this script. Putting Will in this may overshadow whomever they hire to play the sisters. Just like After Earth, Will being in that film made his son look like an even worse actor and the whole movie you were wondering where is Will. And Suicide Squad as a sequel needs him there.

    1. He won’t be in Suicide Squad too. After Marvel fired the Guardians of the Galaxy director, DC hired him. It’ll be a reboot. Of which I am glad. Enchantress looked like a zombie. Killer Croc looked like a Goomba with a skin infection and never spoke and Will and Margot Robbie had NO chemistry. not to mention Jared Leto thinks he’s a better actor than he is. The movie was weird and not in a good way. The best thing about it was Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.

  6. The main concern should be that actor/actress playing a role in a biopic be able to act. Did Angela Bassett look like Tina Turner in the “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” biopic? Did you feel that she did the role any less justice.

  7. I like Will Smith’s ole phine ass but I’m kinda tired of seeing him parachute into every role that calls for a Black male lead. He was corny af in Suicide Squad as a hired assassin, and now he’s a f*cking blue genie in a Disney movie. He’s just all over the place.

    As for the topic, I agree with that online mobs. He is the wrong choice for the role. Sit your ass down Will.

  8. This is colorism & featurism at it’s finest. They may as well get Zendaya to play Serena and Ella Mai to play Venus!

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