r. kelly is innocent because he said so

they have the power to manipulate others.
i’ve had the displeasure of being under ones thumb.
i wouldn’t wish that torture on anyone.
once you can sniff one out,
it’s easy to learn how they operate.
r. kelly might just be in one of ^those categories.
a foxholer slid his upcoming interview with gayle king on my desk tonight.
this is a preview of whats to come…

this is another clip of him crying:


ya know,
i can see how folks could compare r. kelly to michael jackson.

michael jackson was accused of alleged molestation of young white boys.
if you do the reseach on michael jackson tho,
you will see holes in many of his accuser’s stories.
wade robson,
one of the accusers in “leaving neverland”,
can be exposed for his alleged lies with a quick google search.
folks who have been around mj personally are adament of his innocence.
from workers to “kids-turned-adults” who you use hang with him.

r. kelly has left a trail of broken vixens,
alleged sex tapes,
and all around debauchery that was exposed in his documentary,
“surviving r. kelly”.
he is accused of molesting young black vixens and manipulating them to his will.
with quick research,
you’ll see he married a young aaliyah and an alleged sex tape with a 15-year-old.
he had people who worked for him that had no issue exposing his alleged filth either.

with both,
it all boils down to who you chose to believe.
you can check out r. kelly’s interview with gayle king on “cbs this morning”,
wednesday (3/5) and thursday (3/6) at 7 am.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “r. kelly is innocent because he said so”

  1. I think the bigger lesson here is to not keep celebrities on pedestals and nobody is above anything. Whether or not they committed these crimes, they put themselves in inexcusable and inappropriate situations that led them to this fate. There is something wrong with a grown ass man in his 30’s wanting to always be around lil boys. I am in my early 30’s and have zero desire to be around any kid, boy or girl. I asked my mom would she let my sister who can sing be left alone with a celebrity at an impressionable age and she told me hell no. I asked my dad would he let me sleep in another grown mans bed. He told me he would kill a man if he ever tried that crap. These parents and these enablers have to take some of the blame for anything that may have gone wrong when you leave your child in the hands of strangers.

    Celebrities are strangers and they are regular people just like you and me and they are not above doing the same bullshit that any sick pervert would do. Accountability is what needs to be taken by all who endanger the life of a child for a payday. I don’t know why people have this blind allegiance to people who don’t know them and don’t pay your bills. These celebrities wouldn’t give you the time of day if you wasn’t employed under them so why do you worship them? I’ll never understand it.

    I pray that the conversation about child abuse and sexual abuse continues because of you watch enough Iyanla then you can see that sexual child abuse has destroyed so many lives. People are suffering and it comes out in many different ways and you never know what somebody is going through. Let this be a lesson to have compassion for the man next door because you haven’t walked in their shoes and don’t know what could be causing them to be crazy, violent or commit certain crimes. Let us stop being so self absorbed that we don’t pay attention to the signs of when something looks and feels off.

    I don’t know what being a victim is like so I can’t judge these people. I do know that people suffer and come to terms with trauma at different ages and times in their lives. I can’t judge the victim or the accused because I wasn’t there but what I can do is not be naive to the possibility and pray that all involved get the proper help that they need. Some people need they ass beat tho especially if caught lying about something so vulgar.

    I won’t be listening to R Kelly or Michael music for awhile. I’m not really a big fan of each and all of this has made me quite nauseous. Maybe in time I’ll be back to grinding to Sex Me and twerking to PYT. I need space for now.

  2. Gayle King and her Wig will be slow dripping this interview in 3 parts over three days for the ratings. Can’t really blame them though, this is some good stuff.

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