snoop ain’t gonna have his bag stopped (the public apology to gayle king)

some may think power is having a ton of followers on social media.
being visible to brands and having access to the best events.
true power is in having influence and connections.
it’s making a call and having someone “handled“.
it’s not being petty on social media.
it’s stopping your bag by making one or two phone calls.
powerful people have powerful friends.
it could end up making a grown ass male issue a public apology.
that’s whats going through my head anyway.
“theshaderoom” posted the public apology from snoop to gayle king.

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gayle king got the goons

that is the smile of an older vixen who is protected.
gayle king should be as she is an extension of oprah.
you get her goons by default.
well susan rice,
former us ambassador,

national security advisor,
and super goon on the side,

came for snoop in gayle’s defense on twitter.

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bill cosby has twitter fingers?

i’m always fascinated how they get certain things in jail.
i know that being a celeb makes it easier to get contraband.
bill cosby decided to weigh in with all this “gayle king” drama.
he is in jail for a 3 to 10 year sentence.
snoop mentioned his name and this is what he put on his twitter…

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the straight black males have come to formation to cancel gayle king?

i learned,
that by working for a black company,
you might not be protected by those who should protect you.

It can be hell working under weak and insecure black folks

the ones who are legit crab in the barrel.
it’s no secret that some blacks suffer from that affliction a corporate setting.
i’ve been watching this gayle king/lisa leslie/kobe bryant situation,
but just by observation,
and i can see why gayle is getting dragged out here…

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tyler perry knows why you ignore him

one of the greatest things you could ever be is ignored.
it makes you to work harder with no distractions.
once you make it,
those who ignored you end up kissing your ass.
it’s tough while you’re going through it,
but the end result is fulfilling.
tyler perry knows who he is and what he’s about.
he knows who his work is for and what others have to say.
he told gayle king,
on “cbs this morning“,
that he understands why he’s ignored in hollywood…
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did you try and “pray the gay away” like lil nas x?

i use to say that i wouldn’t wish being black and gay on anyone.
you gotta be strong to endure the shit most of us deal with.
this can be a very lonely and abusive life to live.
lil nas x admitted that he use to try and pray his gay away.
this is what he said in a clip from “cbs this morningwith gayle king

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