bill cosby has twitter fingers?

i’m always fascinated how they get certain things in jail.
i know that being a celeb makes it easier to get contraband.
bill cosby decided to weigh in with all this “gayle king” drama.
he is in jail for a 3 to 10 year sentence.
snoop mentioned his name and this is what he put on his twitter…

…and that is his “verified” account

that must be his publicist,

Isn’t Bill blind?

as you can tell that i have questions.
 he might have got on twitter during library hours.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “bill cosby has twitter fingers?”

  1. Wait….is that a real picture of Bill Cosby…..? I am floored.

    Also, they got plenty of post online of inmates jerking off in jail and sending stuff.

    I just be wondering why inmates got OnlyFans accounts..

  2. That was my first thought. His publicist tweeted that on his account. I seriously doubt that he would be that blatant to be in possesion of a cell phone while incarcerated and tweeting on something that the whole world would see.

  3. Bill hush and do your time. White America ended you, the same culture that you degraded Black America for to make your own appearance seem polished. I stopped caring for Bill during his Pound Cake. Solely Blaming Poor people for everything while omitting white societies responsibility in it all. Fuck that hypocrite. One minute you’re condemning the community then once you’re locked up it’s everyone’s fault instead of his own. In the Black we enable and protect problematic, and toxic Black Men

  4. There are speech-to-text converters on phones. Special Braille keyboards. Technology is used to help people with disabilities.

  5. It may be his publicist who tweeted it but those are Bill’s words that he either told or had a letter sent to the publicist to type online.

  6. Its amazing how people throw others under the bus to get where they are; slaves to the dollar. Prolly sucked a few dicks and let the back door get hit where the Lord Jesus split them; just to be thrown under the the bus too but to come For Gayle because she doing the same thing. Hypocrites!!!. Oh, i guess it’s because they approve of Kobe who definitely made a historical name for himself

  7. Bottom line gayle was wrong and I hope she falls she plain and boring rose oprah jock for years girl bye I mean his remains aren’t baried very tacky karma is on the way

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