bill cosby (the name on everyone’s lips)

there has been so much going on.
between lnx‘s kiss heard around the world,
the anti-vaxxers vs the vaccinated,
all the crime happening in different cities,
and folks about to revolt before going back into an office,
there has been a lot happening in society.
this latest twist has jumped 6 spaces ahead of all that shit…

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bill cosby has twitter fingers?

i’m always fascinated how they get certain things in jail.
i know that being a celeb makes it easier to get contraband.
bill cosby decided to weigh in with all this “gayle king” drama.
he is in jail for a 3 to 10 year sentence.
snoop mentioned his name and this is what he put on his twitter…

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bill cosby really disappointed “us” out here

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Slocum/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9640100co)

ya know,
i grew up with “the cosby show”.
that was my parent’s favorite show.
it showed a black family,
with successful parents,
not being “the stereotype”.
they made me want to have cubs and get a brownstone in bk.
i wanted to be like “the huxtables” so bad.
growing up,
i’ve heard things about bill cosby throughout the years,
but of course,
you don’t want to believe it.
you don’t want to believe he was drugging and raping vixens.
you want to believe he’s “heathcliff huxtable”.
so when all his scandals that took him down happened,
and boy did they happen fast,
it was really shocking.
i found this part very sad tho…

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Bill Cosby Has A Glitch In His System

so when i’m down,
and feeling upset,
i think i got something to cheer my tail up.
instant laughing.
the pretty vixen sent me this today about bill cosby.
i must have watched it on repeat 25 times in a row…
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Tiffany Haddish Kicked Her Shoes Off and Put Her Foot In Her Mouth

i haven’t seen “girl’s trip” yet,
but everyone is raving about tiffany haddish.
she is the break out star.
well she said something that has me wondering who does her pr?
as a newcomer,
you shouldn’t be say this via the new york daily news
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Bill Cosby Probably Won’t Have His “Legend” Ticket Validated

ht_bill_cosby_booking_photo_float_jc_151230_16x9_608bill cosby is over.
that is the look of defeat in his mugshot tonight.
its a shame how his legacy went up in flames right before our eyes.
this is why bill is in the slammer via abc news
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