Bill Cosby Probably Won’t Have His “Legend” Ticket Validated

ht_bill_cosby_booking_photo_float_jc_151230_16x9_608bill cosby is over.
that is the look of defeat in his mugshot tonight.
its a shame how his legacy went up in flames right before our eyes.
this is why bill is in the slammer via abc news

Bill Cosby was hit today with aggravated indecent assault charges stemming from an alleged 2004 incident in Pennsylvania, according to prosecutors and court documents.

lowkey: i know its my job,
but its like i don’t even want to hear about this.
it really makes me vex how stupid he turned out to be.
i guess this is why “denise” can’t stand him.
i’m sure there is more to that story now.
entire article taken: abc news

28 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Probably Won’t Have His “Legend” Ticket Validated

  1. His face reminds me of an instructor I had that used to hit on me. Showed me his dick and everything. I found out he was coming to another student as well. He was an old guy too, prob in his early to late sixties.

    The other student asked me to come forward but I didn’t want to cause a scene.

    Looking at Mr. Cosby here makes me shake my head at him. Idk its funny cuz I watched the Cosby show when I was a kid and the JELLO commercials & loved Bill as kid and admired him….he was someone I kinda looked up to like my instructor at one point…

    I feel some kind of way looking at him like this, like he’s going to rot away in misery. His golden years are now rust….

  2. I have nothing to say for this because I don’t really keep up with the case but people kill me with the “Black man conspiracy” thing. Newsflash: Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson aren’t the only very successful black men out there. If this is the case then Jay-Z & Will Smith should be on the chopping block next. I’ll be waiting. You should see the comments on the shaderoom LOL. The excuses..

  3. Quick question though. Why is Charlie Sheen still walking around free knowing that he had HIV and had unprotected sex with women? Isn’t that considered attempted murder.

    1. It has yet to be proven in a court of law, but to piggyback off of your question, why is his show still on?

  4. .Does EVERYTHING have to be a conspiracy theory though? Bill Cosby is a rapist. The media isn’t just targeting him. The media would do that to anyone who had 50+ women crying “rape” all at one time. And just because I believe that, doesn’t mean I can’t see through the bs of the media.

    It really isn’t that complicated lol. The media doesn’t care whether Bill Cosby is a legend or destroyed, they care about ratings and profit. If Bill Cosby wasn’t worth talking about, he wouldn’t be talked about. That’s it.

  5. It’s a sad situation but I honestly don’t have much remorse for him. If 50+ women came forward and said you did the same thing to them, ALL of them can’t be lying.

    This isn’t a “set up” or a “conspiracy,” Bill is well past his prime. They would’ve picked someone else more relevant if they wished to just tarnish an image. And for all the people arguing that they should’ve came forward earlier…save it. Yall don’t believe the women in 2015, so what makes you think you would’ve believed them in the 1970’s/80’s?

    And the thing about his “legacy” being tarnished? Ehh. Nobody can deny the impact what shows had on the Black community but we MUST be able to separate fictional characters from the real people who play those characters.

    If Woody Allen and countless other famous people are having their movies/shows played in theaters and on TV. Why can’t Bill?

    1. And one last thing, please stop with the “distraction” talk. Black people are MORE than capable of focusing on more than one issue at a time.

      1. The distraction talk kills me.. LOL they all sound like some of those online Black Lives Matter trolls on twitter.

  6. It’s a sad situation for everyone involved and it’s unfair that the cast of The Cosby Show and A Different World have to suffer because of what he allegedly did. Both shows were groundbreaking and influential and future generations probably won’t get to experience them.

    1. Do you guys realize a woman went on The Today Show in 2004 talking about being raped by Bill Cosby? I read about him raping women over ten years ago in People Magazine.I’m pissed that people didn’t pay attention until a male comedian,Hannibal Burris, put it in his comedy show.If people were going to set up Bill Cosby than they could have done it at the height of his success not twenty years later.

  7. Y’all really believe Bill did that?? Ya don’t see how the media is mocking him? Are y’all that blind?? Let’s keep one thing in mind… They did the same thing to Michael Jackson. They destroyed his legacy, tornished his image and made him the fool of America… History is repeating itself….. Pay attention…Ignore what they want you to believe.

    1. @Jay – agreed. The talkings heads in the media keep saying over 50 women over and over again yet there is no real evidence. Just the word of some opportunist female. I refuse to abandon this man until I see evidence that will convince me. And you’re correct anout Michael Jackson. The media destroyed his image and Black people abandon him. After he passed, the same spineless clowns who abandoned him played his music all day on their radio stations.

  8. I am saddened that the d.a., who hasn’t even taken office yet, ran his campaign on the platform of bringing charges to Mr. Cosby. Moreso saddened that folks voted for him because of it. If Mr. Cosby is found guilty in this court of law, then he’ll have to deal with those consequences. Who knows maybe the other D.A. didn’t file charges because there wasn’t enough to support it at the time. Now that all of these alleged victims have come out the woodwork, they’ll most likely use it as his m.o. once the ball gets going with the trial.

  9. I feel more sad for the casts of The Cosby Show 🙁 In my personal opinion they should continue running the show regardless what Bill Cosby did because why should one man ruin everything for others? At least I know The Cosby Show is over 🙁 😢 😭

    Why, Bill, why? But I gotta say, he sure does love to rape white women tho. Just an obvservation

  10. I did not see this coming, but bravo, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how his legal team try’s to get him out of this.

    P.S. You see a face of defeat in that mugshot I see one of grumpiness.

  11. Justice delayed is Justice Denied.

    57 Women have come forward saying they were drugged and or sexually assaulted by Cosby.Including this women,Andrea Constand who Cosby knew was a lesbian because he had met her girlfriend prior to the assault.He didn’t care if these women were Black,White,Straight or Gay.He thought because of his power and influence ,he could screw anyone he wanted as long as he drugged them first.
    For the people who will claim ,some of the women are lying.If that is true than that means some of them are telling the truth.If Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted ONE of these women,just ONE of the 57, then he is still a rapist.
    44 of these women came forward AFTER the statue of limitations to sue him had expired.There is no reason for them to come forward ,it’s too late to sue him and too late to press criminal charges.

    I find it interesting that none of his family bothered to support him at the Hearing,today.Very sad for everyone involved.

  12. Bill Cosby finally got caught huh? The statute of limitations got his ass this time, and I am glad that justice will finally be served, even though he victimized dozens of women. I would be surprised if he gets ten years tho. I believe he will be sentenced between 3 and 5 years maybe even less.

      1. He is not the only one, he will have plenty of company. There are many people over the age of 65 in prison, and I have seen them with my own eyes. Most of them are doing life sentences as a matter of fact.

      2. The Man is right. One of the fastest growing populations in prisons is elderly people. Part of the reason is the 3 strikes and you are out laws

    1. It’s not a distraction,cops will kill another black man probably before the week is out.FACTS
      Funny ,a few years ago Cosby was criticizing these same black teenage boys who are being killed and their single mothers.

    2. I haven’t lost sight. It’s the media that will inundate with this news for days to come.


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