How A Scandal Can Make People Remember


one of the things i ask god is if the foxhole takes me to higher heights,
that i will always remain humble.
ain’t nothing worse than someone who made it and changes.
people will always remember how you made them feel.
take mark salling for instance.
you already know ( x the fuck shit ) he got himself into.
when you get into a scandal tho,
people start to remember just what you did and how you made them feel.
check out this post someone wrote on facebook yesterday…




lowkey: you won’t get along with everyone,
but you can save yourself a lot of karma by being a kinder animal.
…oh and not being a fan of child porn.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “How A Scandal Can Make People Remember”

  1. More so the latter but yeah humbleness goes a long way anywhere in life.the only person I want to see make it is Amber everyone else I could care less about lol

  2. πŸ™ŠHe must have really hurt this wolf’s feelings, damn. When you say shit like that to people they don’t forget your face. My ma used to be quick to say “God don’t like ugly.” 😁

    I wonder if this was something he was always into or if fame changed him.

  3. I always believe in that. My co-workers always say to me, you get along with everyone. I say no, but I treat them kindly until they do something to irk me…then I gotta put them in check, but I’ll still be cool with them afterwards. LOL

    1. LOL! I feel you on this! I’m the same way! I’m friendly as long as people know and stay in their places. I don’t play that!

  4. I been in his shoes somewhat (twice). Two ex-friends (both Puerto Ricans), this is at separate occasion btw, they were cool & down to Earth and sometime pain the ass but who isn’t? Most of the guys they had dated with either African American o Latinos in general, but as soon they started dating white guys then their personalities really changed as if they were better than me just because they got involved with a white guy, even tho the white guys they dated are rednecks/hillbillies.

    I just thought how interesting that when people get money o date white people, they wanna act brand new especially towards those who had helped them when they were in a desperate need of help.

  5. That bud guy looks really bitter tho. If somebody doesn’t want to be friend with you anywore it’s not the end of the world, move on period. I’m way too happy in my life to be focused on somebody’s fall,that’s what angry sad people do. And no matter what you do, no matter all the knidness you put doing that, there will always be somebody to say you changed, you’re not humble you got cocky… that’s life.

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