How A Scandal Can Make People Remember


one of the things i ask god is if the foxhole takes me to higher heights,
that i will always remain humble.
ain’t nothing worse than someone who made it and changes.
people will always remember how you made them feel.
take mark salling for instance.
you already know ( x the fuck shit ) he got himself into.
when you get into a scandal tho,
people start to remember just what you did and how you made them feel.
check out this post someone wrote on facebook yesterday…
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He Likes His Kisses Under The Age Limit (16 and Under)

Mark-Salling-Instagramone of my favorite shows use to be “glee”.
i use to be a former “gleek”.

that is until to took a turn for the worse and hit a tree.
i hate when my shows do that.
well there was a character on there named “puck”,
played by mark salling,
who was the “rebellious one”.
i use to think he was kinda cute,
as with all bad boy wolves,
but today i see he pretty good at hiding alleged secrets.
ones that could land his ass in jail for a long time.
everyone meet mark salling:
the alleged owner of child pornography.
this is what nbc news had to say…
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