He Likes His Kisses Under The Age Limit (16 and Under)

Mark-Salling-Instagramone of my favorite shows use to be “glee”.
i use to be a former “gleek”.

that is until to took a turn for the worse and hit a tree.
i hate when my shows do that.
well there was a character on there named “puck”,
played by mark salling,
who was the “rebellious one”.
i use to think he was kinda cute,
as with all bad boy wolves,
but today i see he pretty good at hiding alleged secrets.
ones that could land his ass in jail for a long time.
everyone meet mark salling:
the alleged owner of child pornography.
this is what nbc news had to say…

“Glee” star Mark Salling was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of child pornography possession after Los Angeles police served a search warrant at his home, authorities said.

The LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit arrived at Salling’s home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Sunland around 7 a.m. local time, police told NBC News. He was booked into the downtown Los Angeles jail.

His bail amount was set at $20,000, according to his booking sheet. Information for an attorney for Salling was not immediately available.

look at his crib:


it looks very “a white pedo van is in the garage” feel to it.
i hear the ex girlfriend ratted him out.
i also hear he had numerous pictures of “15 and 16” year olds.
there is a side of me that thinks it was boys.

just a thought.

well if the alleged is true,
then he knows he is up for punishment.
he has already been ( x accused of an alleged rape ) sooo…
either way,
his hollywood career maybe over as well.
ya know foxhole…
i just don’t get the obsession with under-aged cubs.
is it a power thing?
a fetish?
you will be surprised how this goes un-noticed on social media.
how many times has some under-aged “baited” cub scrolled down your feed?

48efc989e23b423d11b250cf16c76b1elike the darker web is starting to showing out as “eggplant friday”.
maybe i’m the only one who sees this?
the foxhole keeps showing me the secrets people keep.
even the prettiest packages have something inside them.

lowkey: i’m sure there are many more out there.

article taken: nbc news

9 thoughts on “He Likes His Kisses Under The Age Limit (16 and Under)

  1. Very strange. I know in some countries 14-16 is the legal age.

    It goes to show you that stars are normal people too. Behind every bright light is a dark corner.

  2. I’m disturbed that this happened but hopefully now people can see that a child molester doesn’t have to be an old, morbidly obese fart in a minivan, it can be a young, successful person it can be a person …this is NOT a fetish this is a damn disease with no cure they need to drop these monsters off in the middle of the jungle somewhere and let nature take care of them.No one can even begin to rationalize their train of thoughts. Oprah did a special years ago where the convicted predators faces was blocked out. One guy actually had himself medically castrated because he said that would be the only way he couldn’t molest children anymore after having committed it before. Then another guy said once he was released he would do it again smfh..sexual predators come in all shapes, sizes and colors and gender..hell sometimes there are even underage teens on these gay sites pretending to be an adult smh folks be careful…just be careful predators prey on unsuspecting adults as well…

  3. You know what it is, its like the ideology of being “pure”. The idea of being someones first and that this individual is so green and novice and naive, where you could ideally teach and “break someone in” idea. More and more I think its because they cant deal with individuals that are their own age because they lack confidence and are intimidated with people that can see through there bullshit.

  4. LMAO @it looks very “a white pedo van is in the garage” feel to it.

    Yea, I have a feeling it was boys as well. I assumed that before I read anything because of that first picture. It is a shame that people have these types of fetishes.

  5. So weird and so creepy just a few minute ago some 16 year old boy was hitting me up. I instantly block him cause hell no and now reading this OH HELL NO! Don’t forget the guy who played the father on 7th Heaven, he’s a child molester too. Then you got Jared Fogle and now him. What the hell is going on?

  6. Of course this is all alleged, but if it’s true I can’t say that I’m surprised. Not that I know anything about this man specifically, but about the whole child pornography thing. There was an episode of SVU (one of my many guilty pleasures) that really opened my eyes to not only how common this could be, but the mentality of it all. Think about it, until relatively recent times that was the age of marriage and all across history. So it is a real surprise that ppl are still attracted to them? Now I myself don’t approve of the practice from the start, but I understand that ppl didn’t live that long so 15 was like 25 back then. But when you think about it like that, there are bound to be a few ppl that ave not adapted to this more modern way of the age limit attraction is supposed to be at. And when you add in the money and supposed power that being a celebrity brings in, it would not surprise me if it’s true and he thought that he could get away with it.

  7. Damn Jamari, you manage to remind me almost everyday not to judge a book by its cover. There goes Finn’s partner in crime

    Is it me or does it seem like all of the people in “Hollywood” have a dark secret? Makes you wonder how much shit has went down that we don’t know about. 😳

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