He Likes His Kisses Under The Age Limit (16 and Under)

Mark-Salling-Instagramone of my favorite shows use to be “glee”.
i use to be a former “gleek”.

that is until to took a turn for the worse and hit a tree.
i hate when my shows do that.
well there was a character on there named “puck”,
played by mark salling,
who was the “rebellious one”.
i use to think he was kinda cute,
as with all bad boy wolves,
but today i see he pretty good at hiding alleged secrets.
ones that could land his ass in jail for a long time.
everyone meet mark salling:
the alleged owner of child pornography.
this is what nbc news had to say…
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Yeah So I Shouldn’t Have Watched Glee

The-Quarterbackwell i was a hot fuckin mess.
glee paid it’s final respects to finn hudson,
played by cory monteith,
who died of a drug overdose last summer.
the episode was a ball of emotions as all they paid tribute to his character.
i watched the show from the beginning so it was sad to see his end.
they all seem genuinely upset as they tried to act through the pain.
it was mercedes,
and  rachael’s singing scenes that took the cake for me.
then add the ending and finn’s mama for good measure.
my reaction?
I BAWLED!!!!!!!
i couldn’t not not think about star fox watching that.
i had no fucks to give as i weeped too.

x watch episode here

now if you’ll excuse me…
i’m about to go and have a serious rampage session in grand theft auto 5.

Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Answered The Phone? (Yeah But I Did Tho)

oksomewhere between deciding if i should watch scandal or glee first,
since everyone was crying over the latter,
i got a phone call from someone i didn’t think i would hear from again last night.
it was star fox.
a look of pure shock landed on my face.
i was hoping i’d answer the phone,
proceed to cuss him the fuck out,
and then wait for the logic explanation.
witness protection?
i know that wasn’t gonna happen because unless he knows a good plastic surgeon,
that was him we buried a couple months ago.
when i answered,
it was mama fox.
she was crying.

“omg are you okay?” i asked.
no i’m not.” she responded.
“whats going on?” i asked.

maybe i shouldn’t have asked that…

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i want you guys to know those numbers very well.
i also want you to remember it.
it is not the password to my “peen” folder in my phone.
nor is it the meaning to code to all access to every dl party in the world.
those three numbers mean something very important.
something i want you to remember when you are ever faced with a decision…

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Saturday Night Glee-ver… Get It? No? Okay.

corny i know.
i tried to be quirky.

i found myself watching the new season of glee today.
i know.
how gay are you?
glee manages to entertain me with the drama and the song choices.
i like they turn current/past hits into interesting little numbers on the show.
i love the sarcasm.
but whatever.
i’m man enough to say i like it.

this entry comes on the heels just as we were discussing color issues within the community.
i know the following that i think are handsome don’t help…
does it?

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