i want you guys to know those numbers very well.
i also want you to remember it.
it is not the password to my “peen” folder in my phone.
nor is it the meaning to code to all access to every dl party in the world.
those three numbers mean something very important.
something i want you to remember when you are ever faced with a decision…

in life,
you’ll be faced with decisions.
sometimes on this journey,
you will drive up to a fork in the road.

“should i or shouldn’t i?”

i’ve had that question brought to me many times.

“should i hop on this peen that i am skeptical about?”

“should i eat these delicious fudge cookies now that i’m trying to work out?”
pop thisĀ  “2-2-2” rule into your mind.
i was watching glee and they brought this rule up in a scene.
blew me away actually.
i had to share it with you all.

2-2-2 means:


when you just do something,
usually in 2days,
it probably means nothing right?
that wolf you had raw sex with is still around.
the sex tape you put online is getting comments.
fuck you bitches!“to that job you up and quit.

what happens in 2months?
whatever you had is now “out there” in the universe.
but, things can happen in 2months.
that wolf you thought was great that you had raw sex with is gone.
the sex tape you made is now all over the place.
that asshole in it who dropped you.
you are broke as hell and still looking for a job.

well you can’t predict the future,
but you have to understand things can happen in 2years.
remember that wolf you had raw sex with?
well he gone and you are living with hiv.
what about that sex tape that you thought died down?
some other spiteful asshole done showed everyone you know.
you’re also outed.

it even got back to your job and your family.
remember that job you were looking for?
well it took you some time,
but you said “fuck a job,
you are now working in your career in the field of your dreams.

some things could work out in your favor,
others could be a disaster.
some decisions are OBVIOUS they will end in failure,
while others could be beneficial to your growth as a human.
ALWAYS process the outcome.
it could save you 2years of potential drama.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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