This Is What “I Smashed Your Cousin” Looks Like


who knew michael b jordan wasn’t the only good lookin’ wolves in his fam?
who knew steelo brim was also related to him?
i have questions.

i always liked seeing people’s family members.
they always have that one (or two) sexy wolves in the family.
while you droolin,
its just “oh thats my cousin/brother/uncle who ain’t shit”.
check out all the wolves in a recent pic steelo brim posted on ig…

who is daddy to the far right?
names and dick report,
“please” and “thank you”.
here are a few more with the vixens:

you can count me in for the memorial day cook out.


michael has a really beautiful family.
the vixens are just as gorgeous as the wolves.
if what the forests are saying about michael is true,
it would be a shame he doesn’t date his own.
there is always that one lost wolf in the family tho.
you know how it go.

lowkey: does anyone have that fine wolf in the family?
or is it you?do you know someone with a “fine wolf” in the family?
i went to my home girl’s family bbq years ago and nearly imploded.
she had some sexy wolves in her fam.

a majority hoes after my prompt investigations that day.

pictures taken: steelo brim

17 thoughts on “This Is What “I Smashed Your Cousin” Looks Like

  1. Some of you guys have suspect taste at times, even though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Micheal is not ugly, but his mouth region is what makes questionable when you think about it lol. His teeth are veneers I believe, and they can ruin your face if they are too big, which his are. Aside from that, I would still beat his cakes tho. As for the other men in his family, those fellas in the back row are a problem.

    Social media has ruined the perceptions of some people as far as the physical appearance of others. Men who are fine are at times deemed as average, which can sometimes cause people to feel as if they are not up to par. I could grow a full beard and get my body tight right now and I would be somebody’s daddy, I’m serious lol.

    1. OMGee! The three in the white shirts closest to Mike can surely cause chaos. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Bae is so fine 😍 lol. His family in the first picture could get as well. Especially the cousins with the beard.

  3. Good lookin? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Okay, if you say so……. But seriously the chubby guy hiding behind the two guys on the left looks just like mi tio’s stepson, except my uncle’s stepson is more fatter and uglier

  4. Am I the only one on this planet who thinks Michael B. Jordan is hideous? Like, where is thy chin? Chile… I guess though. Too bad he’s anti black.

    1. Agreed. Status changes ppls perception though. MBJ wouldn’t get anymore ass or attention than the average dude if he wasn’t in movies.

      The evidence is right there in the pic because there are clearly ppl in his fam more attractive than he is. I didn’t even notice him in the pic lol

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