how to infect your entire family with the rona in 1 easy step

those numbers represent ignorance to me.
in a pandemic of epic proportions,
that hasn’t gone away no matter what 45 tells us,
people are still being reckless with their (and others) health.
even if you have no symptoms,
others in your family might not escape the wrath of the rona.
a foxholer sent me a story about someone’s son who infected his whole family.
well via “the daily mail“…
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the rona finds its way inside someone i know

the rona is hittin’ close to home.
two ex-coworkers lost their relatives to it,
fancy’s aunt is a nurse who got it,
and now someone on my end has it…

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f0xmail: My Family Is Trying To Destroy Me! Help!


Good Day, Jamari. Much love to you

I am seeking your input and advice because I am having an issue that involves family.

To start I’ve always had a rocky relationship with my family. Imagine being raised adopted, Muslim, and then coming out gay to your family. But through all of that hardship I am faced with a new issue; making a decision to live on my own terms for me and only me. It has taken me a long time to make this decision because I have always been putting others first and accommodating their needs and running myself dry. I recently moved into my new apartment and I am currently being viewed as selfish from my mother and certain members of my family because I will not allow a sibling to move in. I live in a one bedroom and I wouldn’t mind having my sister move in however she is not responsible with finances and I am not taking a chance with the roof over my head or having someone attempt to live for free. If you knew my family, it’s as if certain people are looking for a ride. I’ve also payed very close attention recently stating how when I use to ask for help nobody would help, not my mom, sister, aunt, cousins, so of course I had to grind. But when others needed me or just wanted something I never hesitated unless I did not have it. Now, I’m saying no to almost everything to protect myself, to assure that my security is set and I’m considered selfish. I have unrealistic dreams and goals but I’m very certain that those same people who consider my goals and dreams unreal will be the first ones to want to reap those benefits. This is hard to write because i am talking about family who are supposed to love you. Instead I feel as if I can never win because of the nonsense and greed. These members can’t call me to see how I am doing but can ask for a birthday gift or anything money related and I’m just like “okay but WTF”. My heart is open and always will be. However I do feel as if that wall to guard me (which I never wanted) is being constructed and honestly I’m going through a much needed change.

Excuse me if this was way to long, I am just going through a emotional and mental struggle that is rooted from resent to family. Now I already recognized this and attempted to rectify these issues by accepting their behaviors and just moving forward with my life but they always find a way to get what they need from me.

What do you think I should do? I have cut them off months at a time and in those months found peace and still missed them. I am feeling that I may need to cut them off longer than a months even years so I am able to fully and presently focus on me without thinking twice about how my family would be affected by my dreams and goals. HELP! Because this is not even the full or half of it.

Love you.

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Christmas Carols Before The Christmas Carnage: The Father That Turned

“warning” from notorious big is one of my favorite songs.
it warns you that those you love can be the same ones to betray you.
set you up for your demise.
this seems to be the story here with ^that family.
they died on christmas eve because a father allegedly turned on them.
a close family member seemed to have warned the mother in the past too.
it was all good on facebook a couple hours ago tho.
check the story a foxholer sent me via ny daily news
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Lorenzen Wright JR Dedicates A Photo To His Mother, Sherra Wright

you know,
we joke about these jackals and hyenas,
but they do leave love ones behind after their antics.
sherra wright,
who allegedly was involved with the death of her ex husband,
leaves behind his 6 cubs as she may go off to prison.
lorenzen wright jr posted ^that picture about his mother.
they both made a really handsome cub…
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Aaron Hernandez Already Told His “Truth” To His Family

so aaron hernandez may have shared his “truth” already.
to who?
his mama and his brother,
jonathan hernandez.
a f-bi sent me a statement jonathan released via the providence journal
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