the rona finds its way inside someone i know

the rona is hittin’ close to home.
two ex-coworkers lost their relatives to it,
fancy’s aunt is a nurse who got it,
and now someone on my end has it…

A family member of mine in BK caught the Rona

he’s up there in age and has a compromised immune system.
how he got it is anyone’s guess.
it might have happened on a trip to the store or someone with no signs.
ya know,
you hear other people getting it,
but it gets real when someone in your family gets it.


every day,
this shit gets stronger and stronger.
i think there is something they aren’t telling us.
it’s mutating into a beast that will take out the healthiest of us.
that president said look out for more deaths in the coming week.
( x see it here )
new yawk is already at the point of no return.
folks i know out here are starting to crack,
anxiety and depression on high.
one of my home-vixens got let go from her job.
she joins the 6 million who have filed for unemployment.
at this point,
we need to be emotionally,
and mentally prepared.
it’s time to be vigilant.
i’m continuing to pray for us all.

9 thoughts on “the rona finds its way inside someone i know

  1. Prayers for everyone who has been (and will be) physically and emotionally impacted by the COVID pandemic. The economic damage is going to be as bad (if not worse) than the physical. And I’m starting to think that this will result in permanent changes to society. I hope they are for the good…

  2. This is so depressing, my brother-in-law tested positive now he’s in the hospital, my sister is fine,self quarantined, my brother-in-law has other health issues he’s dealing with. I hate this for everyone! I feel like our government has let us down, we as Americans shouldn’t be going through this. I pray for the entire USA, this should be a wake up call for all of us!! Stay strong Jamari, foxhole.

    1. ^folks talking about being excited to go out once this is over,
      but i doubt life will ever be the same for many of us.
      right now,
      this is gonna activate so much mental illness and suicide.
      the economy is gonna be in the shitter and who knows who is about to be laid off next.

      thanks for the well wishes six.

  3. I didn’t realize how big of an epicenter that virus is around NYC so I don’t blame you for staying indoors cause that shit is serious. I can’t even see an acquaintance at a condo here in miami, no visitors just residence. I praise your Governor Como making those moves and being proactive and I hope everything gets better for you and your family and friends.

  4. It’s not 6 million unemployed. 6 million people filed for unemployment last week. The week before was 3 million. Those are just weekly figures. That doesn’t even count the people who can’t file because the unemployment system is overloaded. I’m in Texas and I had to call 400 times straight just to get help filing unemployment. It took 3 hours of me literally calling back to back. One lady on Facebook told me she’s called over 3,000 and hasn’t been able to get through. They are saying we might hit great depression levels of unemployment and that it might take 10 years to recover.

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