yaya mayweather ended up getting knocked out of the game

i don’t care how cute he is,
or how good the secks is,
i ain’t fighting or killing over no pineapple.
if a wolf makes me feel like that,
that is a huge red flag.
i’ll stand on the front line with him,
but ain’t nothing ever that good for me to lose my entire mind.
i’ve walked away and been discarded by better or worst in my life.
yaya mayweather,
floyd mayweather’s daughter,
was allegedly fighting someone over her jackal,
nba youngboy.
well this was the outcome

what in the entire fuck?

why tf wasn’t she in the crib?
this is definitely not self isolation.
to make matters worse,
this is what nba gonna allegedly respond about the situation:

^this is who she might catch a charge for.
she better hope her daddy can pull some strings because if that girl dies…

It’s over.

11 thoughts on “yaya mayweather ended up getting knocked out of the game

  1. At this point, I am glad I dont know who none of these people are with the exception of Floyd. Actually did not know he had kids this old. He should have took some of that money and sent her to Charm School. This is so unfortunate but it is about par for the course in this social media age and with all his money, her Daddy is just as ratchet. Im going to file this under Low Class Family Values with Money.

  2. I just don’t know….Why in the hell would she want to lose her freedom and harm another female about a damn man that truly don’t mean her any kind of good!!! He’s not worth it for what I see….But now u got a case that may land your DUMBASS in prison for the remainder of your life!!! And trust me…. while her DUMBASS is locked up somewhere,his UGLY ASS is moving on to the NEXT female!! How DUMB can one be??!!!

  3. With all the money her daddy has she could be doing so much more, SO MUCH. It’s sad.

  4. All this for a nigga wit Herpes, a dent in his forehead, and no facial hair?!……Hate to see it 😬

  5. Wtf is NBA YoungBoy is doing to these girls? First it was the situation with his ex who he supposedly had beaten, then you got the incident between the Cash Me outside girl and Sky Jackson and now this??? What in the entire fuck?

  6. The apple does not fall far from the tree because we know hoe dense Floyd is. I bet she will serve jail time for it. I know she is young, but she is still old enough to know this was not the move. All of that for Youngboy to be laid up with another woman as I’m writing this.

  7. All the money in the world is not gonna stop her from going to jail if that girl does, period. That’s an automatic murder charge. I don’t care how she plea because the DA is going to use Social Media against her. I know Floyd heated! Ain’t shit he can do but pay a lawyer to get her a plea deal, even still ain’t much the lawyer can do. She stabbed the girl, ain’t no plea deal helping her.

    1. ^what a dumb way to throw the life she had away.
      i’d let her have that dude and kim.
      so many other finer wolves out here than that trash.

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