jerika demi son’s are coming for your daughters with her permission

that filter got her looking like the ghetto bride of chucky.
so mothers always want the best for their sons.
depending on the mother,
they can end up spoiling them and doing way too much coddling.
this is why we end up with the fuck bois we have now.
too many mamas boys looking for an extension of them.
jerika demi wants us all to know that her sons are coming for folk’s daughters.
this is what she put up on her facebook

so she is pimpin’ them out early?

it sounds like she has them out for sale.
this is really trash.
i wonder what the status will be when a grown ass she-jackal preys on them.
the mother made it very clear they can talk to all kinds of females.
The Universe will grant her wishes.
another thing is…

What are kids their age even talking about?

i was obsessed with going outside to play,
collecting happy meal toys,
and creating worlds with ninja turtle action figures.
omg i had all those happy meal toys except the riddler and batman!!
this she-jackal is turning her sons into the males she’d fuck.
throw her away and call cps STAT.

low-key: certain people shouldn’t breed.
look at this:

go see her facebook @: click here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “jerika demi son’s are coming for your daughters with her permission”

  1. Lol all I can think of is that Waka Flack meme where he’s like β€œ….Okay? πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈβ€œ

  2. So she raising Fuck Boys ok. She doing the complete opposite of what some females are trying to do. I will say this is a double standard but at the same time wrong. Now if it was there father who did that, I don’t think this would have gotten like this. Its common to see ghetto daddies do that but rare to see a woman do it. Some know but don’t encourage it. That’s where the double standard comes from. Its still wrong on all levels and I’m pretty sure when they get of age, she is definitely going to be on Maury with girls claiming her boys are the daddy.

  3. When i first read it i thought she was talking about teenage boy like 15 to 17. It was already bad enough. But then i saw the boys and i was so grossed out that she even have that kind of message about babies. Is this even legal ?

  4. Lord have mercy πŸ™ I am just wondering….Is she doing to her sons what someone did to her when she was their age??!! I think she needs to have a mental health evaluation….. Something just don’t sit right with me….

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