sex is everywhere; chemistry isn’t #dontrushchallenge

*i always wondered if someone ever thought i was their dream fox.
the way i look at wolves,
and fantasize about them,

someone out there that knows me has looked at me in that way.
they got instant heart eyes when i came around.
so much so,
i often think i’m the only one who ever crushed hard on someone else.
i’d like to hope someone is in love with me as i was with them.
a word for all the foxes out there.

i saw the following video and it made me cry when it was sent to me.
love can be very contagious.
right now,
we all want someone to love on us in these strange times.
these black gay couples did the #dontrushchallenge

i might be getting soft in my rona isolation,
i thought that was so beautiful.
i hope that one day,
a wolf is able match my energy levels in attraction.
we don’t play stupid girl games and let each other know we want each other.
no guessing games,
or the mixed signals of the emotionally unavailable.
for now:

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “sex is everywhere; chemistry isn’t #dontrushchallenge”

  1. I know love is love but I’m gonna have to say that I’m glad they were all “Black & Black”!!!

  2. This was a nice little video. I love me some Denver, tho…I agree with the other poster that said the pairs seem to match in energy. I noticed that, too. Interesting.

  3. I want to like this, it’s a good message but it fills like attention whoring to me. I am happy for them I guess.

  4. Pay close attention to these couples. In most cases they mirrored each other’s energy and vibe. Don’t get stuck being lonely looking for a straight acting man because they are probably looking for a woman or the exact same thing that they portray. A lot of the couples I know are not polar opposites if you get my drift. Slightly fem pairs with slightly fem oftentimes, regardless of the sexual roles played by either party

  5. I like that this show case a variety of couple and just like you IG most our opposite, physically ,and don’t have to conform to the ideal requirements. There’s hope for everybody to find love that might seem hard to find could be around the corner.

  6. Much L O V E to all the lovers.

    Love is a beautiful thing when it’s treated with care and not abused.

    1. It was very cute and they all looked adorable! Love it.

      but low key tho, some of those looks were not as cute as they thought….

      That pink one with the leather moto jacket was oil and water. Needed to workshop that look a little more.

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