young chop wants to chop down a very lesbian young m.a

one thing about some males is very true:

We want things that we cannot have

it gets our dicks harder than concrete to chase things that avoid us.
it can bring out the inner “jackal” or “hyena” in some of us tho.
some vixens have been raped because of this.
i’ve never heard of a young chop in life,
but he wants rapper,
young m.a.
she is a very aggressive lesbian with no apologies about it.
well this is what young chop said about her…

young ma would bend his fat ass over and fuck the shit outta him.
i don’t understand why a straight male would even be attracted to her.
she is more masculine than half the male population.
i can’t even see her look feminine like brat could do.


as much as some gay males can be disgusted at young chop’s behavior…

Some of us do this same shit to straight males on social media

i’ve had a jackal i wasn’t attracted to chase me down to the point of harassment.
sending dick pics and all this other disgusting shit.
i said i wasn’t interested and that went over deaf ears.
i always say some of need to learn boundaries and social ques.
they gonna figure it out one day tho.

low-key: what happened to that stud that was in “the wire”?
she always looked like romeo to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “young chop wants to chop down a very lesbian young m.a”

  1. Felicia “Snoop” Pearson was on Love & Hip-Hop: New York. I’m pretty sure Young MA dick bigger than Young, whatever his name is. He seem like the type to rape studs because he can’t have them, not saying he is a rapist let’s make that clear. He only going after her cause don’t nobody want his nasty ass

  2. The only thing this Pineapple needs to chop down is his portions. Dude is trying to get some clout. SMDH, I really dont know nothing about this Young MA but I think she is good especially with dudes. Sadly most of the dudes who hit my Inbox on the Gram look like this Pineapple. Lawd help me and Young MA

  3. These men are not actually attracted to her. They just like making women (both gay and straight) feel uncomfortable. It’s borderline harassment.

  4. This motherfucker. C’mon now son your titties are bigger than hers. Also, please note based on his looks, Young Ma still pulling more hoes than him. Sit your need a storyline having ass down

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