chris paul nearly got an arrest record last night on mother’s day

when i think of “unproblematic baller wolves”,
chris paul comes to mind.
he gets the award for “nicest nba cheeks” too.

if he is doing dirt,
it’s so low,
it’s 8 feet under.
i don’t what possessed a “fan” to fuck with his family during a game but…


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he went TF off.
nothing is sexier than a man defending his family.
le heart eyes.
seriously tho…

How old is this jackal of a child?

…and why did he think that was a good idea?
what’s worse is chris got fined for his outburst:

…which is out of control.
“fan” or not,
he had every right to leap and beat his ass.
i understand you are into the game,
and it can get pretty spicy,
but don’t be touching people’s family members now.

i love how “shocked” he looks.
they always play the victim when you are ready to throw paws on em.

5 thoughts on “chris paul nearly got an arrest record last night on mother’s day

  1. When a player moms gets pushed, the respectable thing to do from the NBA is to put arena security courtside for the players family, period. They are easy targets to get the players distracted to lose the game so their team can win. Issuing a fine to check on his family was too far and the NBA needs to make right with the Paul family.

    S/N: Chris do got some nice cakes. He was in the ESPN Naked Body Issue and showed them. He literally got basketball size cakes. They should have made that a permanent feature or magazine.

  2. The what did i do wrong Mom look is probably the worse..MFERS ALWAYS play victim…ALWAYS……..that’s what piss me off ..MFers

  3. Chris was on point with his comment about the NBA. They want to fine the players for saying something to fans that get out of line, but all they do to the fans is kick them out of the arena and/or ban them. Fans can goo too far, and some really don’t know where to draw the line…especially adults. That is why I no longer go to sporting events. Nearly came to blows with drunken idiots at a Giants game, a Rangers game, and a Knicks game.
    In this case it looks like a teenager crossed the line though. Was that his mom trying to get him out of there? He looked scared as fuck.
    Guess he didn’t realize his actions almost caught him an ass whoopin’!

  4. Chris Paul
    Is my favorite, favorite, favorite NBA player. He was damn right. That piece of dog shit💩.
    needs a Hoover vacuum up his poor pale ass to suck all his guts out.🌹

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