stop dating while lonely with low self-esteem

when you reach a level of success,
whatever that looks like for you,
i feel you have to be very picky with who you let in your life.
i’m all for using the good lookin’ blow doll for a good time.

that is what they’re there for.

I have always had a problem with dating while lonely with low self-esteem.

once you had made something of yourself,
you shouldn’t be fuckin’ with low-hanging fruit because it’s easier.
think of it as a power dynamic

When you have something like a job/career,
your own home,
a nice car,
and other luxuries,
you are actually the one in the power.

when you are lonely and have low self-worth,
the power dynamic shifts when you meet low-hanging fruit.
you start dumbing yourself down to raise trash up.
sooner or later,
they use the power you gave them against you.
most people are shocked about this vicki white situation.

she was the alabama correctional officer who fell for jail penis.
( x see story here )
she pretty much had it all.

Was about to retire
On the way to getting her pension
Getting an award for years of service
Had her own home + lived next to her mama
Her mama was still alive to see her kid be successful

…and she ended up throwing it all away and dying over this.

this hyena probably got into her head and turned her extremely stupid.
after she smuggled him out,
he probably fucked her even more stupid.
it happens.
i’ve seen many people shift their power to trash.
it’s only to show us:

I’m happy too!”


…but they end up learning the hard way in the end.

this is why they say don’t go to the store when you are hungry.
don’t date when you’re lonely with low self-esteem.
it never ends well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “stop dating while lonely with low self-esteem”

  1. 💯💯💯💯You better PREACH on this one!!!!! Everything you said was correct.

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