if nore could take back this drink champs with kanye, he would

i saw this pop up on my spotify yesterday and i hit it with a:


you know the “mmm” black folks use when we are judging.
i feel like the old kanye was the new kanye,
but it was buried deep inside him waiting to torment us.
it seems his loose lips have started to sink his battleship tho.
over the weekend,
nore was HYPE to premiere kanye being on his show,
drink champs“.

the alleged tweets from nore:

kanye went up there and showed his entire black ass.
he talked about who drake smashed,
more anti-semitism,
and his theory about how george floyd was actually killed:

it was all good when they were “tee-heeing” over the gossip.
nore is trying to backpedal because george floyd’s family is coming…

The family of George Floyd is planning to sue Kanye West and his associates for $250 million in damages over the rapper’s false statements about Floyd’s death.

Roxie Washington, who is the mother of Floyd’s daughter, plans to file the suit on behalf of the child, who is a minor. The family is accusing West, his business partners, and associates of harassment, misappropriation, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress.

According to a statement, Floyd’s family issued a cease-and-desist letter to West over his comments on Drink Champs. During the appearance, the rapper falsely claimed that Floyd wasn’t murdered by former police officer Derek Chauvin but that he died of fentanyl. (It’s currently unclear if those aforementioned “associates” include Candace Owens, as West plucked the debunked claim about Floyd’s death from her new Daily Wire-produced “documentary” The Greatest Lie Ever Sold).

see what being a stunt queen gets you?

we knew kanye was gonna his natural negro wake-up eventually,
but nore should have known better.
i’m sure he thought he was about to break the internet.


the breakfast club even called him out about his shit:

charlamagne told him not to interview kanye two weeks ago.
it is that fame that doesn’t stop you from ruining your brand.
you gotta turn down certain things.
all likes and views ain’t always good likes and views.

lowkey: i’m proud of us for calling nore out for his shit.
the black community is starting to be sick of kanye’s abuse towards us.
love to see it.

article cc: rolling stone

3 thoughts on “if nore could take back this drink champs with kanye, he would

  1. I’m not listening to anyone that does not understand the difference between than & then. And these are the influencers. Nore 👀

  2. N. O. R. E.
    Is a fame thirsty HOE who is too consumed with a desire to be relevant to use any judgement. He knew his name would get mixed in the tumbler of bullshit Miss Kanye was mixing; and for fifteen minutes he would glean coverage.
    And Mother Kanye and this Valley Girl sniffing helium from the balloon machine accent 🤭puhhhleeze!
    Any bitch that will call his African American mother
    “A liberal actress manipulated by left wing politics”
    in front of dry twat Tucker Carlson
    is no better than a dripping from a mad dogs ass.
    Drink Champs must think we’re sipping Jim Jones Kool Aid. They aired that shipwreck on purpose. I hope Mr Floyd’s family sues, Kanye, Candace, her mammy, her children and her husband too.

    1. ^ his “ken” code switch voice is the worst.
      the fact he turns it on and off depending on who he is speaking to so obviously is fake af.

      you got why nore did this.
      he was already gaining relevance with his interviews.
      he got too cocky and here we are.

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