yk osiris has no new friends (literally)

yk osiris might have learned the hard way.

There are no friends in this business.

i have made this mistake.
you have made this mistake.
many of us have made this mistake.
a few outings,
getting put on vip lists,
and some private conversations are not a friend make.

Even getting smashed a few times doesn’t mean you are in the circle.

in a recent video,
yk osiris seems to be coming to that realization via alleged mental breakdown

i feel him but i’m lightly drag him.

When you get into this business,
you should have friends outside of your “industry friends”.
You can’t become friends over a few “good times”.

Drake said “no new friends” in a song.

Every time he hung out with wolves in the industry,
the gay rumors became too hard to ignore.

He flexes too hard when he goes places.
He gets to Drake’s crib and broadcasted EVERYTHING.
YK Osiris comes off like he isn’t used to anything.

He was with all these rappers and producers but no music?
He promoted the lifestyle rather than his career.
I can’t name one song from him.
The only thing I associate him with is allegedly bagging the biggest and baddest in hip hop.

this is another learning lesson for those wanting to be in the industry.
it happens in all industries especially corporate america.
you woulda thought drake was his bestie from those pictures and videos.



…but he might have learned the hard way.
i’m sure this little meltdown won’t change anything tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. I hope he gets the help he needs, but he shouldn’t feel down because he got a nice size dick.

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