tank been telling ya’ll he is an ally for the gay community but ya’ll don’t listen

i’ve always been a fan of tank and his music.
he is a major talent for singing and writing for other artists too.
i bought his first album and was into it heavy.
this is my favorite tank song EVER:


it did help he brought a nicely wrapped meaty package with his music.

Sidebar: For my birthday years ago,
I really wanted his second album,
“One Man”.
This chick that was once a friend bought me THE BOOTLEG CD.
from Chinatown.
I was SO MAD because I would have never bought her a bootleg.

earlier this year,
i was listening to tank‘s music on a swivel.
i was into “sex love and pain part 2” HEAVVVVVVYYYYYY.
tank had a recent interview with “drink champs“,
which is hosted by norega and dj efn.
he was asked about him performing for gay pride events

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…Yet It’s Gay When I Call A Man, “Daddy”

diddy is a legend in hiphop.
that can be argued by some,
but that wolf has made my summers in the 90s/2000s as a cub.
i mean,
he launched the greatness that is mary j and (was) biggie.
he put a lot of folks on too.
i wouldn’t know missy if it wasn’t for him.


so at his age and status,
you can run out of fucks and do what you very please.
there is no one else left to impress…
well he was on “drink champs” with fab and jada,
which is also hosted by nore and dj efn,
and once that likka got into diddy’s system…
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