tank been telling ya’ll he is an ally for the gay community but ya’ll don’t listen

i’ve always been a fan of tank and his music.
he is a major talent for singing and writing for other artists too.
i bought his first album and was into it heavy.
this is my favorite tank song EVER:


it did help he brought a nicely wrapped meaty package with his music.

Sidebar: For my birthday years ago,
I really wanted his second album,
“One Man”.
This chick that was once a friend bought me THE BOOTLEG CD.
from Chinatown.
I was SO MAD because I would have never bought her a bootleg.

earlier this year,
i was listening to tank‘s music on a swivel.
i was into “sex love and pain part 2” HEAVVVVVVYYYYYY.
tank had a recent interview with “drink champs“,
which is hosted by norega and dj efn.
he was asked about him performing for gay pride events

remember this iconic moment from his gay pride performance:


i think some gays need to realize many straights are allies.
i’ve learned with some straight wolves:

He doesn’t want to fuck you but he fucks with you.

in a world where allies come far and few in-between,
we should embrace it.
the fact that tank went up on stage,
with no shirt on,
and belted sexual songs for gay males is a big deal in my book.
our musicial divas only perform at gay pride events.
not only that:

He is brave enough to tell homophobes in the black community to go fuck themselves when he is judged about it

…cause you already know some of the straights are stupid.
 i think that is the sexiest thing ever and i’ll allow whatever tank is doing.
check out his music.
it’s really good and gives you the right amount of “horny”.

peep the entire drink champs interview with tank:

lowkey: nothing is sexier than anyone,
male or female,
who stand up for themselves and others.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “tank been telling ya’ll he is an ally for the gay community but ya’ll don’t listen”

  1. That whole interview Tank did was good and juicy. He went IN on Tyrese his brother, how Ginuwine deserves his flowers, how overlooked and underrated Kelly Rowland is, how much Aaliyah is/was/ and will forever be that bitch and a different view on the impact of Robert Kelly etc etc. Tank looked amazing and spoke well. I enjoyed the watch and took a few shots with them 🤣

    I love a REAL ally not someone faking the funk. I love Tank music especially Sex Love and Pain and his Stronger albums. Tank can sang the draws off me any ol day. But he is delusional in thinking he doesn’t have an equal in music. Brian McKnight does everything he does and has awards to back it up. In a Verzuz, I would put Tank against Trey Songz or Ne-Yo.

      1. Yeah Ne-Yo! I was thinking that a lot of men from that era don’t even have enough songs, not even talking about hits for a verzuz smh. Here today, gone tomorrow. I really thought Mario had a promising career too.

        1. ^ i think r&b was dying in mainstream and they couldn’t cross over.
          106 and park really helped these r&b artists to sell.
          unless you are that vibes r&b,
          it’s a hard sell tbh

          1. Tank is past amazing.
            Jamari, I agree about the fuck with you but not wanting to fuck you part. We should be open to the fact that straight wolves genuinely want our friendship and nothing more. Those men are totally sensual and erotic. Plus it creates real intimacy with them.

    1. Trey can’t match Tank. He got hits, but Trey is more hip-hop than R&B. He is in that genre where they rap love songs and croon every now and then. Tank sings, no Tank can blow!

  2. I appreciate the message that he communicated. It seemed genuine, but at the same time there were some red flags.
    1. Derogatory words are not appreciated especially at pride
    2. And it basically sounded as though he ducks with us because it has allowed him to get paid. What if there was no money in being an allie?

    1. ^ i look at it like this.
      we all have to get income regardless of what stance we take.
      i hope he is being genuine but i’ve come to understand everyone is looking for something

  3. The thing In my opinion about being an ally is sometimes with acceptance comes familiarity. He was saying sissies in jest.. his point was stop pretending to be masc bc you don’t want me to laugh at you. I’m here to support y’all as a supporter! Don’t be scared to queen out . People took the sound byte sissies and ran with it. Some people are never satisfied. Ijs

  4. Tanks is very respectable in the industry. He got everybody on that can we talk tik tok trend bringing out all the R&B singers. I love the fact Tank recognizes artists like Avery Wilson, Lucky Daye, and Luke James. Especially Avery with him being gay. Avery has the vocals but had yet to have a major label sign him. Same with Ka$h Dinero. These labels feel only lesbian artists will sell. Ka$h has a John Legend voice but he can hit octaves higher than some women. Avery has everything; the voice, the range, the control, the body, the sex appeal of a male R&B artist, except he is gay. Now look at Lucky Daye, don’t get me wrong Lucky can sing. He has that whole Prince vibe where he dress feminine but is straight. Avery dresses masculine and is a very masculine man, but him being gay, why doesn’t he have a label?

  5. Tank is not afraid to be open with people. So what he likes to sit on the edge of the chair and throw them legs back and get his ass ate especially the gooch area. Tank may be an ally but I’m not gon get excited if he turns out to be part of the circle. That Fucking With Me track.

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