…Yet It’s Gay When I Call A Man, “Daddy”

diddy is a legend in hiphop.
that can be argued by some,
but that wolf has made my summers in the 90s/2000s as a cub.
i mean,
he launched the greatness that is mary j and (was) biggie.
he put a lot of folks on too.
i wouldn’t know missy if it wasn’t for him.


so at his age and status,
you can run out of fucks and do what you very please.
there is no one else left to impress…
well he was on “drink champs” with fab and jada,
which is also hosted by nore and dj efn,
and once that likka got into diddy’s system…


so cassie has been on on hold for this?

they say likka is the best truth serum.
it lowers your inhibitions and gets you to talking/acting/fuckin.
why do you think the dl always ask before they come over…

“You got smoke and drank?”

that is the best and easiest way to get them loosened up.
they perform better when they semi nice anyway.
don’t act like you don’t know what i’m talmbout.
i don’t know what to take of this video,
but my reaction is jada and fab.

lowkey: he was giving me straight “old wolf in the club”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “…Yet It’s Gay When I Call A Man, “Daddy””

  1. I low-key admire Diddy’s style and success. I do make jokes about his greasy looking lips but that’s just for fun. I truly think he’s an interesting Kat…

      1. Its easy to be fly af when your bank accounts allows it. But the way Jadakiss was looking at him when he was calling Nore Daddy repeatedly. LMFAO. Its no secret that Puff like to play with the boys. lol

  2. DWRCL… Diddy, Diddy, Diddy. Look the rumor is OUT there and has been confirmed many times. When Diddy drinks, he acts and speaks his business. Nigga is Tri-Sexual , a freak that sleeps with both Men and Women.

    Sheep knows Sheep, As a Gay man myself no one has to tell me about Diddy. I feel him and any Gay man with his Gaydar in tune will feel him as well.

    Good for you Diddy. Good for you. Those other kats know about him but because Diddy has money they dare not say anything and they will fuck with him Behind closed and locked doors. They are on camera so they are cautious of what they say and how they respond to him but people know but they don’t tell. Don’t ask., Don’t Tell.

    This is another case of the rich and powerful and how they get what they want with whomever they want, whenever they want.

    And remember with Diddy and his reputation with the rumors surrounding his involvement in the 2Pac story, no one will ‘OUT’ him like that for fear of serious repercussions.

    But frankly do you Diddy Life your Fucking life!!

  3. He’s a billionaire. He don’t give two fucks what anyone thinks. LOL
    He’s always been arrogant and self-serving. That’s not about to change.
    It’s always been “seen and be seen” when it comes to him. Plug a product/project.
    People have always said in the past, he’s a hustler in more ways than one.

  4. Anybody who has grow up on Diddy knows that this fool is weird but I mean who cares this man is almost 50 let him live. Y’all keep on bring up Cassie but how do you know she want to get married? Maybe he had bad experience with marriage.

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