It Feels Smooth and Sleek When I Hold Onto It

i love a good phone case.
i don’t know how folks are out here with none.
for the amount of money we pay for our phones,
i refuse to be out here living dangerously.
i can’t do the “cracked screen” life.
for my christmas present to myself this year,
i recently got a new phone case.
i’m a tiny bit obsessed with what i got…

it’s the “air series” slim fit case from a “torras”.
my last phone case was from “ottobox”.
the shit made my iphone massive.
i was looking for something on the slim side,
easy to slide in my pocket,
and was protected just in case i dropped it.
this one works for me!
i love how it feels when i pick up my phone.
i always want to have my phone in my paws because of it.
it’s made from liquid silicone so that may explain it.
these are the stats:

  • [Ultra thin& Ultra light] The ultra thin Apple iPhone 7 plus/ iPhone 8 plus case is compatible with Apple iPhone 7 plus and Apple iPhone 8 plus, 0.5mm thick and lightweight, support wireless charging
  • [Perfect Fit] This soft case for iPhone 7 plus /8 plus is made with silicone material, fits snugly with your apple phone 7 plus/8 plus, not only the soft edge protects your phone from scratching, but also makes more easily to put the case on/off
  • [Detail Protection] Premium TPU material absorb most shock from dropping, the iPhone 7 plus / 8 plus case have 4 reinforced corners to provide more protection for your iPhone 7 plus/8 plus, camera cut is raised 0.3mm, anti-scratch, smooth finish and easily clean
  • [Special Feature] Looks like a hard plastic case for iPhone 7 plus/8 plus with matte finish, actually it is a soft silicone case for iPhone 7 plus/ iPhone 8 plus
  • [Quality Warranty] 180 days warranty are available for this product, if you get any question, please contact us immediately

i’m into it sooooooooo heavy.

you know when i see something i love,
i put the foxhole onto it.
i got it off amazon for 11.99.
it got to my crib quick too.
this is the link to check it out:

you can add this to “things a fox loves”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “It Feels Smooth and Sleek When I Hold Onto It”

  1. Thanks for this my last case was from otter box and you’re right that crap was way too thick, I could never slip it to and from my pocket with ease.

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