has ariana grande always been this tiny?

*i started this thing where i don’t eat after 8 pm.
even if it’s cereal,
i curve anything going in my mouth after that time.
not everything.
it’s not for weight loss since i’m a slim fox,
but i have suffered from digestion issues for years.
so far,
this gives my stomach time to digest my food before i go to bed.

so in white hollywood,
white vixens will fight to be a size 2.
i guess it looks “better” on screen?

Has Ariana Grande always been a size 0?

i mean…
she already looks like she is about 12 years old.
i swear she was thicker-ish in her past eras.
these recent pictures she posted on her ig tho…

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It Feels Smooth and Sleek When I Hold Onto It

i love a good phone case.
i don’t know how folks are out here with none.
for the amount of money we pay for our phones,
i refuse to be out here living dangerously.
i can’t do the “cracked screen” life.
for my christmas present to myself this year,
i recently got a new phone case.
i’m a tiny bit obsessed with what i got…
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All Roads Lead Back to His Lips

tumblr_mofu06bhuH1qk5j8to2_1280yes.take it all in.
i’d like to take it all in actually.
for a good hour or two.
okay back to the entry…

i wonder how my juicy lipped wolf,
darius slay,
is handling training camp for the detriot lions?
you know he was everything when i first featured him:

x see everything

well enjoy these flicks…

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Nelly Gets Blown… Up.

For a fool and his money soon part…
…. according to ex-manager.

Uh oh.
Looks like a cat was let out a bag…
and that muthafucka happened to be a Loose Cannon…

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