has ariana grande always been this tiny?

*i started this thing where i don’t eat after 8 pm.
even if it’s cereal,
i curve anything going in my mouth after that time.
not everything.
it’s not for weight loss since i’m a slim fox,
but i have suffered from digestion issues for years.
so far,
this gives my stomach time to digest my food before i go to bed.

so in white hollywood,
white vixens will fight to be a size 2.
i guess it looks “better” on screen?

Has Ariana Grande always been a size 0?

i mean…
she already looks like she is about 12 years old.
i swear she was thicker-ish in her past eras.
these recent pictures she posted on her ig tho…


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her signature ponytail looks like it weighs more than her.

it’s so interesting how in white society,
 thinner is better.
white vixens will vomit and starve themselves into being a size 0.
in black culture,
thicker is always the best body size.
growing up,
i was destroyed with comments such as:

“You need to eat.”
“You need to put some meat on them bones.”
“You are so skinny.”

…when little did they know,
when i over-eat,
i tend to throw it all up.
God forbid i’m suffering from anxiety and it’s vomit city.
not only that,
i have a really fast metabolism too.
as i get younger,
i seem to be in the “slim thick” category.
that slim build but i’ve got a little dumpy.
it’s nothing to enter a twerkulator contest with but it gets the job done.

aside from that,
i hope ari isn’t falling victim to the pressures of white hollywood.
they tend to chew white vixens up and then vomit them out.

lowkey: i feel like some white wolves like thick and ass.
they don’t want to admit it,
but they love that extra cushion.
next thing you know,
they are turned tf out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “has ariana grande always been this tiny?”

  1. Well she’s always been slim but she may have lost some weight. I know that she got married earlier this year so maybe she lost weight for the wedding and kept it off. The funny thing is though, now that the internet has gotten a hold of black vernacular, they will call Ariana thicc even with her being that skinny. Because somehow the internet doesn’t realize that thicc is meant for folks who are thick. Shocking.

    I feel you on all the comments about being slim though. That’s what I have been getting most of my life. But the minute you put on some weight they gonna have a million comments about “you so fat now”.

      1. Nah but ever since they “discovered” it, they use it for anybody they’re attracted to. Just like they say everything “bussin” & a “certified hood classic”. Hear one of us say something and the internet will run wild with it.

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