has ariana grande always been this tiny?

*i started this thing where i don’t eat after 8 pm.
even if it’s cereal,
i curve anything going in my mouth after that time.
not everything.
it’s not for weight loss since i’m a slim fox,
but i have suffered from digestion issues for years.
so far,
this gives my stomach time to digest my food before i go to bed.

so in white hollywood,
white vixens will fight to be a size 2.
i guess it looks “better” on screen?

Has Ariana Grande always been a size 0?

i mean…
she already looks like she is about 12 years old.
i swear she was thicker-ish in her past eras.
these recent pictures she posted on her ig tho…

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What Diet Is Angelina Jolie On?

0672_f725_696so everyone knows i love angelina jolie.
she is definitely one of my main contenders for “spirit animal”.
well she finally got married to super wolf brad pitt,
and i’m so happy for her and all,
but what the hell is this below?…
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