What Diet Is Angelina Jolie On?

0672_f725_696so everyone knows i love angelina jolie.
she is definitely one of my main contenders for “spirit animal”.
well she finally got married to super wolf brad pitt,
and i’m so happy for her and all,
but what the hell is this below?…

where is “mr and mrs smith” jolie?
“tomb raider” jolie?
who is this “the walking dead” cast member?
i’m starting to think either angelina is sick or she is on some kind of hard drugs.
she is only 39.
there is skinny and then there is “needs iv with hamburger grease”.
she needs to fix that immediately!
that makes no sense.
well she gets to ride:

 …^this pipe when she is bored.

tumblr_n1uit94RVG1s64jz1o2_250his 50 year old sexy ass put a ring on it so he obviously isn’t complaining.
…or does he know something we don’t?

lowkey: i guess on the positive,
her skinny ass got the fine wolf in the end.
she won?

*photo credits to their owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “What Diet Is Angelina Jolie On?”

  1. Wow. Her arm looks like she might not be able to lift a cellphone. I’d much rather have a few extra pounds than be dangerously thin. I don’t know why Hollywood likes pushing that image on girls. Every one looks way better with meat on their bones. Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan both became very unattractive back in 2006 when they decided to hop on the skeleton train. Hillary looked like Chomper from the Land Before Time and Lindsay looked like a straight up coke fiend. And they try to blame it on gay men. Not this gay man. I’d much rather see healthy rolls than gauntly ribs.

      1. Being skinny is the supposed norm of the gay community. Even it is borderline sickly. Men go to great lengths to look like this and they are very vocal about men whom are not of the same weight class except for men whom workout. It’s a mess

  2. To answer your question J, I mainly see straight men blaming gay men for anorexia among women. They claim that those high-fashion European photographers are homosexuals that want women to look like men. That makes not a lick of sense to me because they’re acting as if there aren’t male models already. What would be the point in a gay man making a woman look like a man when he can just hire a man to take pictures of? It’s clearly a cultural thing. Europeans seem to prefer their women to be extremely skinny whereas in our culture and many others worldwide, we prefer thicker women, which is why we praise the Beyonce’s and the J-Lo’s. It wasn’t until we encountered Europeans that we put so much of emphasis on how dark someone’s skin is, how curly/kinky their hair is, etc…

      1. I also disagree with Tired of bs considering we have the sub community of bears which consist of big hairy men. Then there’s drag queens that come in all shapes and sizes from fat, skinny, muscular, etc… While there are shallow gay men that value a body more than a brain, I think Tired of bs is forming his opinion from watching too much low budget gay porn that consist of hiring local black twink bottoms.

  3. I guess you never look at candid pics because she has been that skinny for years.I know I am a Stan.You mainly see Red Carpet pics where her arms are covered.Dont you remember the Oscar dress when she posed with her leg out? Her arms were just as skinny. This is old news.She has skinny and she has skinny arms and legs.It has little to with fashion .Probably more to do with stress,breast cancer gene,UN work,kids,directing films,charity

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