It’s All In Idris Elba’s Details

idris-elba-harticle-introhow did i miss ^this?
idris elba being the cover wolf on the september cover of details.
i’d love to know every bit of his details

i’ll clean that up later.
*waves* hi idris…”
well word in various foxholes,
idris is now a married wolf.
i know.
i know.
he allegedly married ( x that vixen he knocked up ).
i did weep in my hands when i heard the news.
 congrats to that vixen nabbed that penis!

lowkey: idris also did the als ice bucket challenge on jimmy kimmel:

god that accent makes me all squishy inside.
can we talk about that bulge tho:…yes lets get on that.

read details interview: here

pictures courtesy: details

big bulge picture: wenn

see idris talk about his big bulge: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “It’s All In Idris Elba’s Details

  1. What a man. Idris gets me all worked up inside, and I’m upset that I can’t do nothing about it. Busting a nut will not help me in this case. I need him now.

    That was a microphone in his pants…well that was what he said anyway. Just Google it. Let me stop before the Foxes tell me I’m ruining their fantasies.

  2. i just love how brilliant he is…yes he’s handsome and intoxicating but he has a brain and is well articulate also and the accent…*waves hand and shout* i’m happy for him he’s part of a dying breed…the Gentleman!!!

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