Idris Elba Career Is Over

idris+1….well according to some of the sistas out there.
all because idris elba allegedly knocked up ^ vixen (name naiyana garth),
she happens not to be his wife and maybe having their semi bi-racial child.
basically she isn’t black (light skinned-ed),
its an OOW cub,
and they think he is being messy.

they saying his career with black woman fans is over because of this.
god forbid he is one of the handful of black actors who is great at what he does.
add the fact that he is playing ( x mandela ) in his new movie.
oh nooooooo.
i love them dearly and will defend them to the day i die,
but im starting to see a trend in some sistas.
i have to wonder:

Is it really that serious tho?

lowkey: hell denzel is married to a black woman.
that hasn’t stopped him slanging his pipe all over harlem and manhattan.
all alleged btw.
congrats on ( x your new situation ) idris!

x read more about it here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Idris Elba Career Is Over”

    1. Most of them are jealous because he has a GF/ baby mamma.A small percentage are upset that she is light skinned.She is just as Black as Halle, Paula Patton ., etc.It’s no different .Personally I don’t care I don’t find him attractive and it drives me insane that he refers to himself in the third person in interviews, multiple interviews.But like I said most comments on blogs are “Why her? , he could do better” because she is not the Model type

      1. ^i feel like sistas just want black actors to acknowledge their own in relationships.
        they feel like black men use black women for ticket sales,
        appeal to them in black movies,
        but will openly date a snow bunny or exxxotical.
        i can see their point,
        but i would stop supporting if thats the issue.
        then the complaint will be no one is supporting black films.
        its all a mess.

    1. It’s not just actors they were really upset that Big Sean dumped his Black HS sweetheart for that girl from Glee.
      This is the same debate we were having about the Black Gay Celebs like Don Lemon, Darren Young, Jason Collins dating Non Black Guys.
      My philsophy/Mantra is Don’t take it personal and its their loss .

    2. Yea I can see it. Even famous gay black males are dating flours. I used to get real offended when I see other Puerto Ricans dating mostly whites, but I learned to somewhat accept it because at the end of the day you can’t tell someone who they can and can not date. If I was famous and out I know I will be dating someone who is Afro Latino or Black. I tried it with the snow and I don’t see what is the big deal about them.

      1. ^i often think people who get in the public eye are usually the ones no one wanted to date.
        look at trey songz before he got sexy.
        i know a couple people who use to live in va and they said he was corny as hell.
        he got into Hollywood,
        changed his look,
        and now he is a sex symbol.

        celebs are usually shy and socially awkward.
        teams enhance them to the public,
        so they are just fucking all the vixens (or men) that didn’t give them the time of day when they were broke,
        ugly ducklings,
        or more socially awkward.

  1. I understand the thought process. Attractiveness in this country is based on having european features. It seems like a lot of black entertainers bypass anyone with dark skin even if they are dark skinned themselves. I don’t think people have a problem with the specific woman that Idris Alba picked, they just have a problem with what appears to be a pattern. Once you achieve money or success, you look for someone light.

  2. Damn I guess you damn if you do, damn if you dont. I think Im reading this wrong. Are they mad because he is married and knock this girl up on the side? Are they mad because she is not Black? I am so confused right now, and I didnt take time to read the whole story lol. I would think that they wouldnt care because she looks plain and like a real woman and not some skinny airbrushed model type that most dudes in the spotlight fall for. Just looking at this pic, I would never guess that she was bi-racial. She looks like Black woman to me, actually she looks familiar lol. Its hard being in the public eye in this age of social media, where your every move is scrutinized. At this point, good for him on whoever he dates. Through this Blog, I have had to reevaluate many things and feelings on subjects and the racial thing is still touchy and I still have my own feelings about it, its not like you are guaranteed some big pot of happiness because you date in your own race. I hope everyone will focus on more important things like ensuring that we all have access to the ballot or something like that instead of who a celebrity is sleeping with.

    1. ^they are mad because she is light skinned and an out of wedlock baby.
      they are saying he is messy and not this classy black english actor they have imagined.
      that is what im gathering from the intel i’ve collected on this.

      1. In my experience he could’ve been the bruh in the mailroom they would still be upset I’ve seen female coworkers get all bent out of shape if a black male is dating another race, biracial, light skin or whatever. Sistahs when they’re together will tear down any woman I was at a family gathering and the women were even tearing apart .Michele Obama i.e. her hair, attire or whatever. Why be so pressed?

  3. Black women have a high expectation on things that they go on attack mode quickly. So much so that the homos are starting to do the same. I notice gays tear each other down over the slightest issues. Go read the comment section on Myvidster. They talking about irrelevant p stars and their lives outside of porn. WTF?

  4. Yea, the black woman is becoming extinct in in Hollywood. I don’t think Idris is a sellout tho, he doesn’t strike me as the type. I think he still loves the darker women. Now if the girl was white it would be a different story.

    I found out Paul George doesn’t like black women tho. He likes the long hair exotic chicks, likes them a lot actually. He went on a date with one the other day, and they said she just graduated high school lol. Now Paul, how you gonna date a girl who just graduated high school? *in my Kandi voice*

    Well anyway, the black girls bothered the girl he went out with, and her instagram is now private. They gave him heat too. One girl said “If you ain’t white you ain’t PG’s type” I agree. I at least wanted to know that I had a chance if he was gay lol. SMH. *sigh*

  5. People like to cite preferences when all these celebrities run to lighter skinned women….but let’s be real…..WHITE SUPREMACY has been conditioned in our minds since we were CHILDREN. Those preferences didn’t just appear out of thin air, you aren’t born with an attraction to light skinned/white ppl. As much as people cite these “preferences,” the reality is that if you grew up in this country (and many parts of the world) you have been TAUGHT (Consciously and Subconsciously) to believe that white is right. You have been conditioned to think that lighter skin is more beautiful, smarter, less violent, etc. This is a fact. Studied over and over again.

    It’s hard to undo…and many people would rather deny their conditioning than acknowledge the affect it has had on them. No one wants to consider themselves racist….or prejudiced.

    Dark skinned men/women….heterosexual….or homosexual are one of the least desired racial groups in the world (if not THE most). Idris has said himself that before fame women weren’t falling over themselves to get with him. Now that he has the fame….and the benefits of said fame (the ability to choose) it’s not surprise he continues the cycle of white supremacy (Assuming that he only dates light brights).

    I’m being all militant now, lemme go…lol

    1. I agreed! I remember as a kid I wanted to be light skinned so bad and even consider bleaching, but of course I was prejudice and narrow-minded against dark skinned people. But as I got older I started to notice I was getting more to darker skinned men like first it was strictly white men then to Mexican/Arab guys with the tan skin and now I am full blown attracted to guys of African descent which help me accept myself and appreciate because back then I would deny my Black side, but now yea I’m Black and?

      And living in a White neighborhood made me realize there nothing special about white people. I used to think they were beautiful, but when you really look at their faces it really nothing there because everything is thin and narrow on their faces.

  6. i personally think love is love. The jealous types who are offended by who he’s dating are the angry (black) man/ woman generally who cant get a man 1. because there attitude stinks 2. because there to ugly to get a man ctfu. i dont see color in love my previous bf was a white guy now im dating a lighskin sexy thang lol!!! who cares about color??

    1. Of course you’d say that.Please keep your color struck attitude and ideals to yourself.These issues run deeper than what the Lifetime movie quoting people like TEACHER FOX would have you believe.

      You don’t see color?Oh please with that bullshit, you see color like everyone else does.

      I always find it funny when people say “It’s 2013” to mean it’s 2013 so we should be all dating outside our race.I have some problems with thing interracial dating logic of some.

      One:It’s 2013 so shouldn’t Blacks and Asians be doing the opposite and loving themselves and their own kind.This isn’t 1955 when Blacks and Asians were made out to be ugly for having different skin, hair, lips, nose, or eyes.We should all be producing more black children and Asian children and having them growing up to love themselves and how they look.They shouldn’t have to feel validated by a white person or half white person liking them.Especially because most of the time it’s a fetish.

      Two:Interracial dating isn’t new.People have been fucking for centuries.To say it’s 2013 so we should be having sex with each other is stupid.It’s all been done before and has been for over a thousand years.We don’t need to fuck to get along, which seems to be where that idea is coming from.Yes, we get along with each other and we’re not segregated like it used to be but that doesn’t mean you should spread your legs for every Tony, Tyrone, and Tim.

      Three:The one thing I can’t stand is the ego everyone gets from interracial dating.They feel better about themselves and the way they look as if that other person validated their look.All you do is hear boasting and bragging from black people who date/fuck outside their race.You best believe they’ll never forget their interracial tryst with Antonio or Mohammed.

      I think deep down inside, every black person needs to date/fuck outside their race.I had no idea how low black men’s and black women’s self esteem were until you see their eyes light up when talking about their previous interracial flings.Like I said, they’ll never forget it.They hold on to them interracial love memories like Rose from the Titanic.It really makes them feel good about themselves.That’s what I mean by it’s 2013.It’s 2013, we should be over this low self esteem mess.


  7. Wow okay doctor phill i hope you feal better after venting. I can tell you needed it. Now as for lifetime movie quoting no your wrong you dont know me nor the struggles ive been through as a young dark skin African american man from Brooklyn NY who gotten out of the ghetto and has his master’s under 28 and many more acomplishments. now as for saying its 2013 i don’t believe i ever said that now 1. I dont see color when i meet someone i meet them for who they are inside nor race or gender. 2 interracial dating is not new i agree i was simply stating that for me my life thats never been an issue. 3 Like i said i dont see color and never have i wasn’t raised that way. so please dont ever try and READ ME for my opinion Or call it bullshit im going to need for you to have SEVERAL seats.

    1. Also what you need to do instead of saying what black and Asains have been doing is learn some manners on how to equally give an opinion without being rude and disrespectful on a blog thats not yours maybe? they’ve been teaching children that since 3rd grade. 🙂

  8. 1. He’s a grown ass man who can bang whoever he wants. If she’s cool with his having women throw panties at him why he DJ’s in gay clubs, more power to her.
    2. Point me to an American-born purely Black woman, and I’ll point you to a liar.
    3. How did his last relationship with a “sista” turn out? Oh yeah, she had a baby with another man and let Elba believe it was his. Embarrassed the fuck outta a man who treated her like a queen.

    I wouldn’t blame him if his next was from Sweden or Japan or India.

  9. Why black females get mad if a black male date outside his race or a mixed female but it’s okay for black females to date outside their race? And get praised for it like on scandal Olivia rather be a white mans whore then a black man queen and black females ( not all) love it. I guess Tommy sotomayor was right in his YouTube videos. Honey why can’t it just be love or just straight up lust and keep it pushing. why get mad at the males dating outside the race or mixed chick( if you consider them black)

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