Idris Elba Career Is Over

idris+1….well according to some of the sistas out there.
all because idris elba allegedly knocked up ^ vixen (name naiyana garth),
she happens not to be his wife and maybe having their semi bi-racial child.
basically she isn’t black (light skinned-ed),
its an OOW cub,
and they think he is being messy.

they saying his career with black woman fans is over because of this.
god forbid he is one of the handful of black actors who is great at what he does.
add the fact that he is playing ( x mandela ) in his new movie.
oh nooooooo.
i love them dearly and will defend them to the day i die,
but im starting to see a trend in some sistas.
i have to wonder:

Is it really that serious tho?

lowkey: hell denzel is married to a black woman.
that hasn’t stopped him slanging his pipe all over harlem and manhattan.
all alleged btw.
congrats on ( x your new situation ) idris!

x read more about it here