How To Come Out The Closet and Get Paid For It

1icKrjTsome people keep their closet door bolted for this very reason.
you’ll soon see the reason,
or maybe afterwards,
you’ll be motivated to set up a gofundme account.
anyway so daniel ashley pierce,
who resides in georgia,
decided he wanted to come out the closet to his parents.
of course it didn’t go as planned.
well this is the video that has gone viral with what happened as he did…










that was sad.
well allegedly he got kicked out his home because of what happened.
guess what happened after?
his life got a heavy sponsorship.
someone set up a gofundme account quick,
and in a muthafuckin’ hurry called “living expenses”.
he has raised,
and get this,
37,000 so far.
well shit it was that easy?
shiiiiiiiddddddddddd why do i have this job then?
this is what he wrote on his easy money account:

Oh My you guys! I am in tears! I didn’t realize that this was even set up for me! I am so thankful for all the comments, support and donations! I don’t even know how to thank y’all! I wish I could give each and everyone of you a huge hug! I was trying to respond to everyone but I couldn’t keep up!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is all just so amazing!!! 

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!


Tumblr_loj312NdTD1qal4zxwelp after this “come out to come up” story,
i had to wonder:

How much money would he have raised if he was black?

…i’ll wait.

lowkey: the black straights are really crying and boo-hooing for daniel,
but what about the tons of black gay youth who had to leave due to “religious beliefs”?
i guess it takes a smart snow fox to see what it’s really like.

read more: thegavoice

x go to daniel’s gofundme account

x go to daniel’s facebook

20 thoughts on “How To Come Out The Closet and Get Paid For It

  1. He was attacked my his stepmother, but all we want to do is find a way attack Daniel rather than discuss the family’s reckless “intervention.” How productive…

    I you wonder why black gay can’t get ahead, look at the comments ….

    1. It would have been different if it was a private matter but it wasn’t, so why should we give this young man all this attention when he could have cut the cameras off and told them. I would have a lot more sympathy and honor for him then. You are missing the point this is a private and personal manner that should be dealt as such. The same would go for any race of men. This is just another attempt at fame that everyone both gay and straight seems to want these days.

      1. What Jamari omitted to mention was the he came out to his family in October. That was a so-called ‘delayed intervention’ where his grandparents, father, and stepmother ganged up on him an attacked him violent. That took place this past Wednesday. They had more than plenty of time to digest their feeling and figure out how to deal with Daniel.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. Seems like we are attracting trolls. Jamari be careful homie they love making outrageous borderline ignorant claims. Lipstick alley and WSHH is full of them.

  2. This blog will never be successful. A black person is running it. If he was white, I bet he would be making money. He would probably have an athlete or some rich man backing him up as well. That wasn’t meant to be insulting in any way. It’s meant to say that black and gay always lose the battle in success. If the owner was white, he would have sponsorships and assistance. Black people don’t support each other BUT are conditioned to run behind the white man. It’s a sad reality but truthful one. I encourage the owner to continue producing good work because he is not white and that is his biggest setback.

    1. I think Jamari prefers his blog to be low-key until the day he’s on New York’s best seller list. Most people don’t make blogs for them to be mainstream like mediatakeout and the like. Most people use blogs as a diary/journal and/or to post about their favorite things which can be a cornucopia of products from TV, to fashion, video-games, sex, music, etc…

  3. DAMN. This was hard to listen to and watch. This is why it is best to stay in the closet.

  4. Smh I’m already side eyeing him for secretly recording such a personal, sensitive moment.

    He also seems relatively calm for someone coming out to his family that he probably knows won’t accept his lifestyle.

    There’s definitely more to this story.

    Why should black people have to help people that have been disowned by their families for being gay?

    When you’re living under someone’s else’s roof and being supported by them you have to play by their rules or hit the road.

    You’ve got to earn the right to live the life you want, that is if you want it to be worth living.

    Play the game until you can support yourself like any person with half a brain would do.

    Besides you think he’s going to use that money to buy a house he can always own or invest in an education? I doubt it.

    If he’s still relying on his parents at 20 he doesn’t have to forethought to manage that money. He’ll be broke in two years looking for his next handout.

    1. He’s being an attention whore. Just like the ALS shit they will take any private matter and blow it up everywhere.

  5. This was sad but at the same time very eye opening. We as black gay Americans struggle every day to get accepted. As soon as some white boy cries his white tears, he gets close to forty thousand dollars. When would you even see our own people do this? Being gay only works out for white people. They are steadily trying to emasculate our black men and we have started falling into the propaganda.

    1. Thank You Edward. Now you guys see what they are doing? They want everything negative to be black. Let’s see, DL (black), self-hating (black), depression and suicide (now a black issue), effeminacy (black gay males) [you even have women calling black men the gayest or most womanly acting people in the community]. No disrespect to our out or very out there men. I don’t like this, like at all. Notice that none of these other races bat an eye when we are terrorized yet they expect everyone to drop everything for the snow fox, wolf or hybrid whom doesn’t no the meaning of responsibility and honor. I’m pretty sure there were blacks that donated but be disrespecting the brothas and distaste (mostly the brothas) everytime they get a chance. They will never realize that alienating a group within your race is bound to create problems. Hell some of the most militant black men I’ve known were gay or bisexual. Also I’m pretty sure it ain’t just str8 black men and women making that dough with college degrees.

      1. TELL THAT TRUTH!!! Division of a particular group of people is intentional. Its true that so many of our people are divided/blinded on the most trivial of issues. That was not always the case, though. Every time we have come together and become too prosperous, we’ve been terrorized. They don’t talk about that on the new or in the history books. The conditioning we’ve received has worked so well it’s practically on autopilot.

  6. THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! THIS IS WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA! If he was black he would have gotten a video on world star hiphop.

  7. I was just looking at Malcolm x on black economics now that was Sad what he said was Econ 101

    And yet we haven’t pulled it off self sufficientcy yet granted there are times we have tried and came close but we just haven’t pulled it off why is that!?!?

    It goes to show you just how powerful the mind can be it can grant you acess to boundless riches or hold you back from everything black people as a whole just seemed to scattered

  8. Reminds me of that old lady who wouldn’t tell those kids to shut up on the bus. Instead she just sat there and took their shit. As soon as it made the news, someone set up an account for her and raised damn near a million dollars for her. She was retired and just volunteering to be a bus chaperone which means she didn’t need it but of course she took it and said “me and my son are going on a long vacation.” It got up into the 700,000 dollar area. Ridiculous. All the people starving and without shelter having to live on Ramen noodles and America makes this woman an almost millionaire because she couldn’t say “sit back and shut the fuck up you little brats.”

    I think he deserved it, as long as people don’t go overboard like they did with the old lady. Send people a message that we’re not gonna tolerate discrimination and bullying anymore but goddamn! there’s a limit.

  9. Yea that’s true. Str8 black folks would not help one of their own, maybe a few, but still…… Maybe it that slave mentality?

      1. black people make me so mad sometime because they talk about unity within the black community, but yet they talk down on those who are dark skin, spit on black vixens, shut/beat/kill those who are gay, and shun other black people because they speak another language and come from a different country. seriously come on.

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