“U Put Dem Paws On Me Again I’ll Put Yo Ass In Handcuffs”

tumblr_n4tpnq28ax1qe8nc8o2_500this is for all the nfl baller wolves who like to put dem paws on ya.
…and not in the good way.
roger goodell,
commissioner of all nfl,
sent a letter out to all the owners with some #newrules.
in a “nutshell tweet” from albert breer twitter

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.19.22 PMbritney-spears-unhappy-stage-size-vegaslifetime ban???i def applaud this.
i know some baller wolves got shook out there tho.
watch these she-jackals try and provoke them now.
remember dumbasses:
if he don’t get paid,
then you don’t get paid.

lowkey: hmm this could also lead to extortion too.
this is about to get real interesting.

read full letter from roger goodell: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““U Put Dem Paws On Me Again I’ll Put Yo Ass In Handcuffs””

  1. My first thought after seeing the second part was what if she lies and says he hit her? Not every situation will be caught on camera. We all know how those hoes like the ones on “baller alert” scheme and plot to get to some seed so they won’t have to work for 18 years. And like you said, extortion. What’s to stop them from socking each other and blaming the player? “I’m gonna say you hit me unless you pay me $10,000 for the next five months.” Or what if a girl is really hit by a player but she’s accepting money to keep quiet about the whole thing. Or what if like you said, they purposely get the dude to hit them so they can blackmail him out of some cash. There are so many scenarios they need to work out before the make this rule gospel.

    Remember with the elevator situation, first it was, he knocked her out, then it was, she attacked him and he was defending himself, then his big ass said he was wrong for what he did. I still don’t know the true story but it’s obvious his big ass shouldn’t have struck her. I’ve been attacked by my female cousins many times through out my life, a good shove or a restraining of the hands is all that is required. And when I say “a good shove” I just mean a hard push like “get off of me.” One of my female cousins kicked me in the mouth(real hard with her heel) and made my lip bleed, luckily no teeth were lost. That was my fault tho, I should’ve had my guard up and not been so close enough that her foot was able to connect. Just remember, if they’re on the ground, watch out for their feet, and spit.

    1. ^yeah this needs to be seriously thought out
      because I can see players getting blamed for ratchet behavior.

      now do these new rules go by actually arrests or allegations?
      if not and the latter is the case,
      there will be a lot of sitting out and bans being thrown out there for no reason.
      serious investigations need to be applied.

    2. Zen Buddha, I see it as you do. This can give a woman or a man a lot of leverage. She or he may have a big weapon to use against a player. Think of Kerry Rhodes’ supposed male lover. Instead of just alleging that Kerry Rhodes f!@#$d him, he could have set things up to allege that Kerry Rhodes hit him.

      My “advice” to these sports stars:
      1. Confidentiality agreements
      2. Prenuptual agreements
      3. Before we sex agreements
      4. Like police should, have always wear a video camera and have it on whenevery you have contact with someone–a fan, a groupie, a prostitute, a “friend”, a relative, etc.
      5. And above all: Trust no one. You have a big paycheck and you are a big target!

      The above is written only half tongue in cheek.

  2. If players just don’t put their hands on women they will be fine, and yes this will lead to extortion.

    I can hear those hoes now; “They will ban you like Donald Sterling if you put your hands on me.”

  3. NFL needs to actually focus on their owners not committing these crimes either or are they just consistently slide that under the rug like Jim irsay

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