Bang Bang (Me)

bang_bangi like the song for “bang bang”.
i dunno if you’ve heard it yet.
it’s a 3 of jessie j,
ariana grande,
and nicki minaj.
i like how they sing it,
as well as the random harmonies.
i like the video as well…

it’s good to see jessie j getting involved in a hit.
she can really blow.
can someone explain to me who is styling ariana?
and whats with this pony tail?
the way they are dressing her this era is absolute madness.
well as long as they don’t have her some damn knee high boots.
like why are you wearing knee high boots?
i just don’t understand it.
she looks way too young for some of the clothes they put her in.
almost got me feelin like chris hansen needs to get involved.
this kilt me tho:







tumblr_mpymj3uOcq1sxviy0o1_400she sho does!

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Bang Bang (Me)”

  1. What the hell happened to Jessie J. She had a few hits like a year and half ago. I guess she didn’t have the hype train on board. For some reason hear in America, everybody just follows what the next person thinks is cool. No leaders at all. That’s why every genre has blended into one generic bubblegum pop melting pot. R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Country all sound the same. If you try to take them back to their roots, you’re payed dust by radio and the general public. That’s why I’ always excited when we get a Sam Smith or an Adele. Rant over. lol

    I like the song too. Nicki needed something like this. Her singles as of late have been very lackluster.

    As for Ariana, well… she’s just embracing her sexuality, I guess. I remember one week, everyone was saying how boring her image was and now that she spices it up, everyone is like “Gee, what happened?” She should be fine as long as she doesn’t twerk her ass on a married man who looks like he could be her father. I heard she wears a that ponytail weave because her real hair is damaged by that red hair dye she always wore in that Nickelodeon show. Still doesn’t explain why she won’t wear it not in a ponytail tho. *shrugs

  2. Damn, being that I never saw this video but heard it on a radio a couple weeks ago. I assumed Janelle Monae was singing this song. Boy those english acts are trend setters like Audi. Jessie J is very soulful and I swear she was a sista.

  3. This has been my late summer jam for like the past 3 weeks now, loving it. Jessie needed this because not a lot of people know who she here in the states.

    As for Ariana she sounds like her usual soul self, I agree it’s time for a makeover. I understand a lot of her fan base is younger but that high pony look ends to go. I suggest she go with a bob or something more stylish.

    1. P.S. Jamari are you going to pick up her new album it came out Monday, would love to hear your thoughts on it since you really dug her last one.

  4. Firstly i like the song. They did not need that child Grande. Here u have 2 grown ass sexy WOMAN and this little girl trying to be sexy and match up with them. Sorry Grande…go back to Nick and entertain the kids. Plus she is trying so hard to fit in the pop genre she looks and sound like an over processed muffin .

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