Mychal Kendricks Is A Video Hoe

tumblr_nar77vc8V21shbgx3o1_500so “lips ‘n’ eyebrows”,
aka nfl baller wolf mychal kendricks who plays for the eagles,
is now a video hoe.
what do you call a wolf who is the love interest in a video?
a video wolf?
anyway in a shocker i didn’t see coming,
teyana taylor,
released her new music video for “maybe” the other day.
yes you read right.
she recruited mychal kendricks to play her love interest and well…

…i’m absolutely shocked!
shocked i am!
i kinda liked that one.
it was also shot with a good camera and wasn’t ghetto.
well excuse me teyana.

…onto mychal,
the way how he was kissing her with those lips of his…
i got so open.
you know i like to kiss especially like that.
he looks like he knows how to eat a wet juicy drippin’
replace “peach” with another “p” word.
don’t he tho?
tumblr_n4q1qdSnFl1tsqmfco4_250you don’t have to be shy.
mychal looks like he is a lot of fun tho.
i don’t know if he would make a good wolf to date,
but i’m sure he is the one you call when you want to have some fun.
maybe fix something thats broke around the house.
hell call him when you need a roach killed.
he is “that wolf” to me.
he seems like one of those wolves who likes to do random off the wall shit:

god he is such a teenage dream.

*videos courtesy instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Mychal Kendricks Is A Video Hoe”

  1. I didn’t find him attractive in this video. I liked the kissing because of his lips but why did she take away his facial hair. He looks perfect with facial hair. We all know she did this to get in them drawz. Rihanna is probably mad she didn’t think of it first. For some reason, I think he’s playing hard to get purposely because he didn’t seem to care for Rihanna’s desperate thirst attempt. This video get an A+ for his lips but an F for taking away his facial hair. It’ll grow back of course but whoever suggested he do that should be arrested.

    I’m surprised Teyana is all feminine and womanly now. I thought she was a Lesbian when I first saw her on Sweet 16.

    1. Please, all Teyana is doing is copying and imitating Rihanna, this guy wasn’t on her radar months ago. It was only after Rihanna made him a MCM then other chicks started looking at him. Even in Philly where my family is he wasn’t known like how he is now.
      After the whole thing Riri left him for dust (like many guys who fall for her) then he repeatedly started sending out subliminal messages talking about how Rihanna didn’t reach out or contact him and how he fancy her. If Rihanna wanted to get with him she would have and not even tell the world.
      Now, I see he’s in Teyana’s video doing extra.
      He’s cute, Teyana is cool, nothing malice just wanted to clarify somethings you said.

  2. that man is handsome…with hair, without hair, with or without facial hair, etc…he’s just handsome…and I’m a fan of hers vocally but this video felt like something Riri would do thought…this is my first time hearing the song i like it..but i felt this video was just ok but the girl can really sing if she wanted… i remember that time she sung her rendition of caught up in the rapture and she did good and riri threw shade with her hairstylist (which was funnny) but riri could never do that at all and i love riri but lets keep it 100 her vocals are like T-mobile phone signals, sometimes they’re around sometimes they aren’t lol

  3. Are those his parents in the still image shot Jamari? The black guy just out of focus view looks a little bit like him. I already know his mom is white too. He is cute

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