cassie might have a new project coming out (release date: 9 months?)

does she still sing?
what does she do nowadays?
well after all these years of being with diddy,
and having enough juice for her memoirs,
it looks like cassie might finally take on a new role.
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Beyonce Breaks The Internet

tumblr_ni0zx9LgcF1qkomroo1_500sorry kim.
well the beyhive is buzzing so we will see what beyonce has up her sleeve.
or up her belly.
if she is pregnant i’m rooting for a boy!

lowkey: i love that she does stuff like this.
its better to make people talk first before you confirm.

stay tuned: instagram

Mychal Kendricks Is A Video Hoe

tumblr_nar77vc8V21shbgx3o1_500so “lips ‘n’ eyebrows”,
aka nfl baller wolf mychal kendricks who plays for the eagles,
is now a video hoe.
what do you call a wolf who is the love interest in a video?
a video wolf?
anyway in a shocker i didn’t see coming,
teyana taylor,
released her new music video for “maybe” the other day.
yes you read right.
she recruited mychal kendricks to play her love interest and well…
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Is That The Lonely Talking Again…?

as i sit here in the dark,
candles lit,
nice r&b playing,
there is a nice chill,
…and i am somewhere alone.
i have sailed away to a place of pure solitude.
but, the silence is so loud that i need air plugs.
i look around at this bright canvas in front of me and I contemplate to write something.
my mind is all over the place.
i think of one sentence and it forms 17 others.
i need to let some feelings out though.
wait, what are you doing up, anyway?

well here goes…

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Are We Attracted to Tyga?

I see so many Vixens hyping this dude up…
…yet I do not see it.
Maybe because he looks so young and tender… literally.
I could probably break him in half.

Well wait becauseĀ  looking at him…

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DeAndre Wasn’t Playing LOL!

DeAndre must have put the heat on young @V0ndell.
Homeboi retracted his statements…

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