Are We Attracted to Tyga?

I see so many Vixens hyping this dude up…
…yet I do not see it.
Maybe because he looks so young and tender… literally.
I could probably break him in half.

Well wait because  looking at him…

He has the fattest lips… like, ever.

I would probably think of riding them…
…but then I’d feel weird because he looks so fragile.
I don’t think he looks like the type to “fuck me stupid”, “fuck me so-so stupid”.
Hell even “fuck me a little confused”.
He looks like a little boy playing in the big boy clothes.
Like, he is Breezy Wolf’s little brother or something…

Who I am sure would break me off some of that good good stuff.

So Foxes and Wolves…
Is it just me?

Am I just not seeing Tyga?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Are We Attracted to Tyga?”

  1. It is not just you!! When I was out west for a moment last year they loved this dude!!! And I was like eeew, he look like Whiz lil lightskinned cousin!

  2. My friends are in love with him. To me hes just another high yellow butch queen with tats. Not that cute without his hat on in my opinion. I mean hes cute, can’t say he isnt. I just dont see it for me.

  3. He has a nice face, but he looks like a skinny lil boy. Plus all the tats don’t do it. I think those lips are jii phat though

  4. Haha, I wish I had evidence but I did witness it with my own eyes. Maybe like a year and a half ago I saw him at the Young Money show and he did his lil’ verse from “Bedrock”. He was saggin, his ass looked nice lol

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