boosie thinks his son friend’s lips are nice, fluffy, with a curl to them

most dl wolves have come out of pocket over my lips and eyes.
vixens usually want me to eat them out.
whole nother story.
they usually make a slick comment over my lips tho.
the thought of these lips bobbin up and down on their pipes >>>
the thought of my eyes looking up at them as i’m bobbin >>>
the dl literally jumps out of them.
they can’t control it.
well boosie made some interesting comments about zaya wade last week,
but then goes and says this about his son’s friend this week…
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The Curious Case of Kylie Jenner

kylie-jenner-lip-injections-hollywoodlife-says-gty-ftrum how did ^this happen?
is it make up?
i see why tyga has lost his mind.
she looks great “after”.
whoever made ^that happen needs their props.

lowkey: mi is a kardashian fan.
she likes “the big one”.

i retreat once she turns this show on.
does miss brenda j even care?
its like the pimp lady is grooming kylie to be the next attention hoe.

Curtis Brown Is Not Ugly

tumblr_mvl8zyywJb1qk5j8to1_500when i featured baller cornerback wolf of the pittsburgh steelers,
curtis brown,
a while ago…
a couple foxholers said he was ugly.
maybe my eye sight is off,
but is this the face of an ugly wolf ?…
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Stephane Manga Has A Medium Sized Pipe (Leakage)

Screen-Shot-2013-08-16-at-12.24.15-AMremember i talked about stephane manga ( x a while back )?
he is a pre baller wolf who plays basketball for seton hall.
i’m still waiting on an id for that floral shirt he had on.
well i was on tumblr and it seems he has a nice penis
stephane sent his pipe pic to the wrong one apparently.
so who wants pre baller wolf meat for dinner?!
this is also a NSFW + 18^ + “not for the online prudes”

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