The Curious Case of Kylie Jenner

kylie-jenner-lip-injections-hollywoodlife-says-gty-ftrum how did ^this happen?
is it make up?
i see why tyga has lost his mind.
she looks great “after”.
whoever made ^that happen needs their props.

lowkey: mi is a kardashian fan.
she likes “the big one”.

i retreat once she turns this show on.
does miss brenda j even care?
its like the pimp lady is grooming kylie to be the next attention hoe.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Kylie Jenner

      1. Exactly. How are you gonna let your 17 year old daughter date a 20-something year old dude?!! And you know he hit it….so that’s fuckin’ statutory rape!!

  1. From what I’ve read she doesn’t have a parent relationship with either of her parents.

    She’s 17 living in her own house!

    I hate it when celebrities insult our intelligence when they claim they’ve had no plastic surgery when clearly they have.

    She looks good no lie, but she really has no where to go but down from here sadly. You’re supposed to grow into your looks and if you don’t like them change them down the line.

    If you’re altering your face before you’re even legal you have no clue what maintenance you’ll need later or what you’ll look like at 30 or 50.

  2. No worries Jamari! its the Kardashian treatment! it comes with plastic surgery/botox/fillers and an 20 pounds of silicone! She’ll look a kardashian in no time! Don;t worry, its completely normal! Its a rite of passage! (for them)
    Kendall was born with the unfortunate affliction of working for her money. Like who does that? And she does this “thing” where she is quiet and stays out of the media attention and separate her family from her work? She’s, like, so, like, weird….like…like,like.

  3. I mean she was really young in the picture on the left. You’ll be amazed at what make up can do, Youtube will prove that makeup works miracles for some individuals.

  4. Hollywood is a place of face lifts and plastic surgery are top demand. It is sad that young people have to do such to think they have to be beauty.

  5. Of course she has gotten work done to her face. What I don’t understand is why does her family approve of her dating a 25 year old. I’m sorry but it’s just beyond disturbing to me and people piss me off saying well she will be 18 in a few months. I’m 25 and cannot even see myself being with someone thats 20 maybe 23, it just shows that Tyga is not playing with a full deck.

  6. Lol its not surgery their was an episode where her Mom forced a monter daughter trip and one scene her lips was thin next scene she had full lips. I seen a girl on IG use the same make-up device, people doing her lip challenge need to use the real device so they wont harm their lips.

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