The Lunch Date

tumblr_n71h8rYyJ31r8u8uko1_500i guess one of the perks of being gay is knowing pretty vixens.
like 98% of the vixens i know are gorgeous.
no full blown ratchets.
all trying to make something of themselves.
you are who you attract?
they are always #teamjamarifoxlife too.
the funny part is,
if i was straight,
i’m sure i would have dated them.
well today i went on a lunch date with one of the flyest…

we met like 2 – 3 years ago during an industry event.
i actually met her through mutual forest dwellers.
when i saw her,
i had to get to know her.
something about her spirit…
she was intoxicating.
well as both got to know each other,
we realized we had a lot in common.
we been cool ever since.
if i wasn’t in this “gay” thing,
i’d def claim her.
hell she has no issue telling me how much she is in love with me.

tumblr_lyw61wlz761qcwsd8o1_500we haven’t seen each other in a while,
but she has a great job now.
she is the executive assistant to the president at her company.
the company is actually a few blocks up from mine.
i told her i had no money due to such a crazy week.

“who said you were paying?”

so she treated me to lunch today.
as we were walking to the restaurant,
i noticed every wolf was checkin’ her out.
it made me feel good.
i’m sure they thought we were together.
these are the same wolves that wouldn’t approach her,
and if they did,
would come equip with lame and corny lines.
tumblr_nn1474vMfe1trlsmdo1_400so she asked me if i was dating:

“eh no.
i’m in something complicated right now.”

“oh really?
are you having sexual intercourse jamari?”

“lmao no!
hell i wish!”

she caught me up on some wolf she is planning on dumping.
i always love hearing the stories of the wolves she dates.
she use to date a lot in in the industry and they turned out to be terrible.
so she decided to try regular “9 to 5” wolves and they are pretty much the same.
who woulda thunk?

when i got back to the office,
wolf wolf texted me on if i had lunch.

“yeah i did.
i went on a lunch date and they bought my food!”

i didn’t tell him it was a “her” for a reason.
well he did not text back for like an hour.
he changed the subject once he responded.
before i left for the day,
he asked:

“yo you want to go shopping wit me next week?”

“yeah i’m down!
let me know what day.”


…and that was that.

this one is weird AF,
but i’m onto something.
i think.

13 thoughts on “The Lunch Date

  1. When I read the title I thought to myself “Jamari done went on a date with this man.” LOL. Your friend seems to have good energy and you need that around you.

    I know why you didn’t tell him it was a her. You wanted him to think yo ass was out with a man lol.

      1. I may have missed you discussing this but do you think work wolf likes you in an intimate or sexual way?

  2. Jamari can she get you a job at her company. And you had work wolf jealous lol

  3. She sounds like fun, I love being around people like that who have their shit together,It inspires me.

    P.S. One point for team Jamari for that move you pulled with the text. lol

    1. ^yeah she inspires me heavy.
      hell all of my people are doing pretty well for themselves.
      the foxhole included.
      now if only we could conquer this love thing…

  4. You go Jamari! Sounds like fun!
    I always get lowkey envious of vixens sometimes. But when you’re bad, you’re bad, nothing will stop the attention you get!
    Have fun with work wolf too! But damn he shops a lot! *winks* I’m not saying anything but…LOL
    I wish I could shop like that!

    1. ^yeah he def likes to spend.
      reminds me of the baller wolf im gonna have in the future lol

      im starting to realize it’s hard out here for both vixen’s and foxes.
      no matter how good we look.
      sure vixens are conditioned to meet wolves,
      but it’s easier said than done to meet one who wants to marry you,
      let alone be faithful.

      1. You spoke nothing but facts there brother! Grass is always greener eh?
        Perhaps I’m better off being in the shadows!
        I wouldn’t want a bunch of men staring at me all day, I’ll pass.
        I just want “that one” to be staring at me haha. Vixens got their own set of problems with that straight life dynamic. They can keep it lol.

        1. ^ I use to want that,
          the attention they get,
          but I felt uncomfortable walking with her today.
          way too many creeps.
          you are right with their own issues.
          let them keep it.

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