This Jackal Wants To Kill Rihanna

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.32.58 PMlook at this fuckin crazy shit.
this bat shit cray cray jackal is literally outside rihanna crib…


lowkey: look at his twitter bio:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.35.47 PMi can’t.
why do people do dumb shit like this?
like you know its not gonna end well.
then he gonna be getting anal raped in prison and can’t figure out why.
fuckin’ weirdo.

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Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “This Jackal Wants To Kill Rihanna”

  1. Aww J, I think there may be mental illness going on here. Hopefully he ends up someplace safe. Hopefully Rihanna finds safety until authorities get a hold of him.

    Things like this always raise red flags to me. Mental illness is real. People who stalk like this are usually very sick.

    1. Yeah, mental illness is real…and people ignore that shyt until something REALLY bad happens and then they wanna point fingers! The evidence is right here for EVERYONE to see! Scary stuff!

    1. ^I don’t know where this is, but most police departments can’t do anything until you have been physically harmed…and by that time it may be too late! Ain’t that some shyt?!! Our legal system is SERIOUSLY fucked up!

  2. he’ll be arrested and probably 302….and then they’ll get a restraining order and etc…Rihanna probably wasn’t home, probably off somewhere being rich and fabulous lol…i wouldn’t be surprised if Riri had a nice pistol in the house just in case a fool tried to get gully lol…mental illness and still is taboo in our community folks are quick to say it’s the devil and blah blah when in reality sometimes it’s just how people’s brains are wired

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