Curtis Brown Is Not Ugly

tumblr_mvl8zyywJb1qk5j8to1_500when i featured baller cornerback wolf of the pittsburgh steelers,
curtis brown,
a while ago…
a couple foxholers said he was ugly.
maybe my eye sight is off,
but is this the face of an ugly wolf ?…

MblVh…not with those lips he aint!
he has some swagg to him as well.
he kinda dresses like everyone else,
but future ( x fox swagg ) material?
well if he’s a good boy and rocks suits more.
i will say he does look like he is full of cock tho.
cocky that is.

lowkey: i swear all the fine wolves come out of texas.
yeah they do.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Curtis Brown Is Not Ugly

  1. He is far from ugly. What is wrong with y’all? Dude is really handsome and those lips are kissable af. Looks like he got a lil bad boy in him too. I love the fact that he got a medium size body on him. It’s something about a man with mid-size body that turns me on.

    The Foxes might could get this one, he looks like he would smash a dude if he was bad.

  2. Ugly? Those who call him ugly should come up to Maine to see what real ugly is all about. Mmmm look at those lips! So soft looking, I wonder how they feel like.
    @Kinky I love men with big noses, but not bird noses or even pigs noses. I like noses that are somewhat shaped like triangles.

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