I’m A Man and I Don’t Have To Repeat Myself

Apollo-Nida-shirtless-booty-908-2do you think apollo is lying?
that seems to be the talk everywhere.
i went to the store with karoke and these two older snow bunnies in line were talking about it too.
i was watching that rhoa on the plane and he was talkin’ like a guilty man.
personally i think he has mentally checked out of whatever relationship he is in with phaedra.
does he have any skills to get a job other than “pipe layer”?


9 thoughts on “I’m A Man and I Don’t Have To Repeat Myself

  1. Phadrea needed a good donor for her 2 kids. Once she is done with him her smear campaign will put Porshea’s to shame. His past hanging out in front of Backstreet in the 90s before going to jail will be just the beginning.

  2. Apollo and Kenya did smash and I bet you it was the best fucking ever!
    This what really happen. They both met each other of the hotel in the room where they order champagne. They had a few laugh until Kenya accidently spill champagne on his shirt which lead him to take it off. And knowing how crazy Kenya can be, she offer to lick the champagne off of his chest which of course Apollo yes as a “joke”. She did anyway as a “joke”, but Apollo got hard and Kenya saw it his erection and figure “You know what? Maybe I should suck off more than his chest.” You know what happen next…
    Apollo fucked Kenya like a wild animal. Pinning her against the walls, making the bed move like earthquake, spanking her ass and probably did some anal. And if she had orgasm I would be surprised if he was drinking it.

  3. They didn’t do anything but send texts. Shady Phae Phae is shady ain’t she? Did you hear her cursing at the end. I thought she didn’t use such language. Calling Kenya a bitch and saying fuck and all of that.

    1. ^im not really familiar with her,
      being I only really started watching last season and a little of her intro on the show,
      but she comes off fake to me.
      like she only puts on for the cameras.
      i feel apollo cheats,
      just not with kenya.
      allegedly speaking that is.

  4. I think he is. He couldn’t even get his story together or at least Bravo edited that way. But if there was nothing to hide, why didn’t you show your texts to prove who really started convo like Kenya did?

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